Friday, March 2, 2012

instafriday: new england edition

Happy Friday Loves!

I know you are probably so over hearing about my trip to New England but I loved it and I loved seeing my hubs, so bare with me as I continue to share. It was so so good to see Scott and spend some quality time together. It was good for both of us to be able to encourage one another and really focus on making sure we are putting God first right now and always.

Here is our little one room suite we staying in. I loved having a kitchen space, a little living room, separate bedroom, huge walk in closet and of course a tv mounted on the wall in the bedroom so we could just relax and cuddle.

This handsome man helped me bring my bags to my room.

Here we are rocking some Navy sweats {how handsome is he??!}

Out for our first full day exploring Newport, RI. He is seriously such a handsome guy, I think he got more handsome while we were apart.

Hi folks, I have a confession, I am addicted to DD coffee. I love me a sbucks latte but HATE their coffee. DD coffee is beyond words amazing!

We had a sushi date to celebrate valentine's day a few days late. We at soooo much sushi and had a great time being on a little date.

Ask anyone in Newport where to get seafood and they will say Anthony's seafood, it isn't a fancy place but ti is beyond amazing. Best seafood I've ever had. This was their kung pao calamari. I didn't realize how rubbery some calamari is until I had these little pieces of heaven.

Lobster salad roll. AH-MAZ-ING!!

Here we are a little cafe called corner cafe. We loved it here. we sat in a breakfast nook area, drank coffee, read magazines and ate yummy food. We ate here a couple of times because it was so good!

More handsomeness

This was called the garden of eden and it was yuuuuuummy! The portabello mushroom on top was to die for!

This little note explains how much my hubby loves and supports me. <3

After a long weekend in Newport I drove through RI, MASS, NH and ended up in Maine to see my bff for a few days! We went straight to a coffee shop to squawk just like the old days. This is a red velvet latte, hello luvah!

Wine night with Kate!

This is the best drink I have ever had at a bar, EVER!

Late night pad thai with Kate.

Friday Morning before I left I attended a social media event with Kate. I learned so much great stuff about social media.

A 4 hour drive back through NH and MASS and I was back for one more weekend with the hubby. We spent Friday night watching this movie:

and eating these yummy treats!

We went back to the corner cafe and this was the hazelnut turtle latte, dessert in a cup!

It was super windy and we didn't feel like walking around in the freezing cold again so we decided to head to Providence and go to the mall. While I was shopping in Nordstrom Scott did some research and decided we should get a massage. There was a place right in the mall. At first I was a bit sketch but it was super amazing and I could feel months of tension being worked out of my shoulders.

I told you I am a DD addict. I think I had DD every day! {I drank a boat load of coffee while in New England}

Monkey bread stuffed french toast. sooooo amazing! We had this breakfast twice as well. We are big on breakfast places and really sitting down and enjoying breakfast and coffee.

His and Hers coffee cups

To say that I had a good time in New England would be an understatement. I fell in love with the area and I think I fell in love with my husband again. We had such an amazing time together, just the two of us, talking about our future and working on making sure we glorify God every day and in everything we do.

I can't wait to go back in a few months for his graduation! 

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