Friday, March 16, 2012

thankful for my girlfriends

Happy Friday. These weeks are just flying by! 10 more weeks until I get to see my hubby!

If we were to sit down for coffee this week I'd share with you how much I am really enjoying the girl time I am getting with my Ventura girlies. I was telling my friend Tobi, in kind of a joking way but not really joking way that I think I am at friend capacity. It sounds funny and maybe even mean, but it is coming from a good place.

I value each friendship that I have and want to be sure that I am a good friend. That means I want to know what is going on in their daily lives etc. Maybe not every.single.detail. I think you get what I am trying to say. It gets hard to keep up with everyone when I go beyond a small circle of friends. I have my circle of girlfriends in ventura, my closest bffs, my family and my bloggy friends. I of course have a different close relationship with the amazing women in my bible study and value them as well. Am I crazy for thinking that I don't want to go to a ton of new social things?

As much as I am a social person I get overwhelmed trying to be bff's with everyone. I am more of a quality of quantity kinda person.  Someone please tell me I am not crazy and you are the same way??

Ok, back to girl time. The last two weekends have included drinks and laughs with some amazing gals.

Two fridays ago we had a GNO {girls night out} for Liz's birthday. She turned the big 2-5 {making me feel old for turning 29 next month!}. We decided a little cheesecake factory fun was in order.

dressed up and ready for drinks and lots of laughs

another one before we left

gifts for the birthday girl

I had a hard time deciding what to get Liz, not because I couldn't find anything but because I wanted to get her so many things! She was an amazing friend and pretty much watched Khloe the entire month of February while I was off being a jet setter. 

me, the birthday girl, tobi & edith

Last Friday night Liz and I went to get a pedicure, ahhhh, one of the best and most relaxing girly things to do. We only wish we could have been sipping wine or a mojito while getting pampered. After the pedicure we decided to go out for drinks and apps. We tried a new place in old town Camarillo, it was super cute and trendy. We will be back again. 

The waiter twisted our arm and we got a bottle of wine, pinot noir of course!

Saturday we headed up to Santa Barbara for a day of shopping, brunch and sangria. We also planned to get a cupcake but our shopping got in the way and all the cupcakeries were closed by the time we were ready to eat.

Cinnamon honey latte equals yumminess

After a day of shopping a nice cold drink is deserved, no? We found a place for happy hour and enjoyed a tall glass of sangria.

Tonight is book club, which basically means girls night at home. We chat about the book and everything else under the sun while enjoying drinks and food. I am hosting tomorrow so drinks include a yummy pitcher of sangria and a cheese tray.

Thinking about moving in a few months and leaving these wonderful gals makes me sad. Until then I am going to milk every opportunity to have girl time. Bewarned girls!

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Karri said...

Coming over from InstaFriday...What fun wrapping! And that sangria...mmmmm. (oh - and now I recognize your name from Alyson/Eisley Rae's blog!)

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

those presents are too pretty to open! super cute pics!

Alissa Circle said...

I love time with friends! It's so important. I'm so glad you have such amazing friends in Ventura to keep you busy while the hubs is gone. I think it's totally ok to have lots of friends and be social but know which friendships you want to take the next level, hehe, sort of speak.

Holly said...

I know what you mean about reaching "friend capacity". I sometimes feel like that too. I don't think it's mean, I think it's normal!

Also, I love the way you wrapped the presents for your friend's birthday, they look way too pretty to open!

Dropping by from InstaFriday!

The Arizona Russums said...

It definitely gets harder and harder to keep deep friendships with lots of people as you get older. Once you move to many places, have friends in many towns, and start throwing a hubs and babies in the mix, friendships just change. They are still great, but you get to devote less and less face to face time to each one! But it's awesome you have so many great ladies in your life right now. What a blessing!

habecker said...

every friendship cannot and is not to be the same. there is the inner circle (like even our Lord had) and then there are various other relationships. and they all look different. our Lord has shown me much on this. challenged me in thinking each relationship had to look this certain way. it's been freeing and yet requires such surrender and reliquishment on my part.

so much.

{over from the little things link up}

Rebecca said...

All of those things sounds like so much fun! I love taking the time to spoil myself with mani/pedis and drinks. Not only do you end up relaxed, but you look great too :)

Also, I definitely understand what you mean about too many people. A lot of times, it is very easy to get spread to thinly, and when that happens, the time you do get to spend with friends ends up being not nearly as worthwhile as it would be otherwise.

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