Monday, April 30, 2012

our next adventure

If you follow me on instagram {rellasbellas} then you have seen a few of my posts in the last few weeks about being frustrated with not knowing where we are going. We are leaving here sometime in July or August and had no clue where we are going.

Friday we finally found out where the Navy will take us for our next adventure: Norfolk, Virginia!

I am so excited! Scott and I were really hoping to be able to get our of California and explore some where new. I am really excited to get to explore the east coast. We will be so close {compared to CA} to NYC, Boston, Washington DC, etc. I think the next three years are going to be an amazing adventure. Scott will be going to a greyhound squadron, his deployments will be a bit different than we expected, in a good way. He will most likely spend a lot of time in different ports and will not always be ships company so that means I should be able to visit on some of the stop! woohooo!

We should get our orders cut some time this week, and know exact dates for everything. We are planning to try and get things in order by July before Scott has to leave again for 8 weeks of training. I will be able to stay with him while he is there and after 18 weeks apart I will do whatever we have to so I can stay there with him.

Now we get to prepare for our first big PCS {going 3 hours from SD to Ventura didn't really count, hehe}.

I need to start examining every room and getting rid of junk so they are ready to be packed up.

I need to gather of the things that we need to hand carry, aka important paper documents.

Time to clean out the pantry and donate all of the food we have that I know won't get eaten in the next 6-8 weeks.

I did a bit of searching for housing to get an idea of what we would be working with. From the people both Scott and I know we've heard good things about Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. We should be able to find a cute little house to live in.

Another piece of exciting news is my sister, BIL and nephew will be stationed about an hour away!

One of the first things I realized is I will be able to get Dunkin Donuts coffee whenever I want! Silly, but exciting.

This week I need to sit down and make a list of things to do before we PCS. Any of you fellow milspouses have any advice? Feel free to share away!

{Scott also wrapped up all of his classes and tests last week at OCS, these last 3 weeks his classes will be leading the new class that came in. This also means he gets his phone back and come wednesday we will have many more freedoms so we can chat a bit more. He will still be beyond busy as he has a pretty large leadership role these next few weeks be being able to text will be so nice!}

Friday, April 27, 2012

instafriday: this week flew by

Happy Friday! This week went by pretty dang fast. woohooo! in just a few short weeks I will be in Rhode Island for Scott's graduation, I cannot wait! I hope the next 3 weeks go by just as fast as this week did.

Love what the hubs wrote in this email about what size sweatshirt he was going to buy me. Such a sweetheart. I have currently lost 19lbs since I started weight watchers in January. I really need to sit down and write a post about it.

Khloe lounging in the shade after we played in the soccer fields. Her hair is so long and shaggy, I need to take her to get her hair did asap. 

Flowers from the hubby for my birthday and our anniversary, so pretty.

Add a pair of big sunnies and bright pink lipstick for some insta-glam! 

These past two weeks I have been packaging orders left and right. April has been my most successful month since I opened my shop last August! 

A pretty anthro mug while I blog.

A box full of beautiful fabrics, yes please! I have made a bunch of new headbands, I am in the process of photographing them when the sun decides to show up, I am hoping to have most listed by next week.

My parents sent me some birthday money so I treated myself to 2 new dresses and a pair of wedges a la target. I really need to buy a few more dresses, most of my clothes do not fit me anymore, they are too big. I cannot wait for the summer weather to finally arrive so I can wear these prettie without a sweater or jacket. 

One of the new headbands that should be in the shop soon and my new glasses. I really like them, I was no longer a fan of my old pair, I don't think they were wide enough. These are more me. 

Sending Scott this package on Wednesday was a BIG DEAL. Getting to send him his candio package means he is done with all the crazy hard stuff at OCS, yippeeeeeee! These last 3 weeks he will have a lot more freedom and instead of sitting in a classroom or working out constantly he will be in charge of the new class coming in. We are sooooo close to being done with this 12 week turned 18 week training. 

Spaghetti squash where have you been all my life?! I made these meal twice this week because it was so good. The spaghetti squash totally fooled me, I felt like I was eating spaghetti. 

My sweet friend Tobi got me a yogurtland gift card for my birthday so I treated myself to some yummy cake batter fro yo with lots of fruit. 

How was your week?

life rearranged

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

what i wore {outfits and a little sharing}

Happy hump day friends! I feel like this week is flying by, that is great because that means I am that much closer to seeing my sweet husband again. 

Do you ever find yourself playing the comparison games with others? I am so guilty of this. Some days I am on cloud nine and feel like everything in life is progressing well, then there are days when I wake up and the comparison game is in full affect. It is so silly to even try compare yourself to someone else, everyone has different circumstances in life and thus things are different for them.

Some days I wake up and feel like I know my place in this world and that God is leading me in the direction to be the best me I can be, then others days I doubt what I am doing. Are my dreams just silly or should I really continue to pursue them. Does anyone else ever feel this way? When I get down like this I try to remember this quote:

Source: via Diana on Pinterest

Ok, enough heart to heart business, lets get to this weeks outfits. The weather in So Cal is finicky to say the least! temperatures range from 80-50 degrees each day! 

Thursday: dentist appointment and then a few errands {I swear I run a heck of a  lot of errands!}

jean jacket: Gap {from college!}
necklace: rellas bellas
maxi & earrings: kohls
sandals: target
bracelets: h&m

Saturday: farmers market, brunch with a new milspouse/bloggy friend and then shopping with Liz

necklace: rellas bellas
jacket: h&m via thrift store
shrit, tank and bracelets: forever21
skinnies: paige denim via thrift store
sandals: nine west via tjmaxx

Sunday: church and shopping for cleaning supplies to scrub the house

necklace: the limited
sweater: Gap
belt: came with a skirt from f21
dress: tucker for target via crossroads
bracelets: f21
boots: nine west

Monday: lots of crafting in the shop

hoodie: Gap {from college}
top: forever21 via my sister
skinnies: paige denim, thrifted
earrings: forever21
shoes: toms

Tuesday: quick trip to the dentist to get fitted for teeth whitening trays and then starbucks to work

headband: coming soon to the shop
necklace: target
sweater & skinnies: forever21
top and belt: banana republic
shoes: toms

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

what i love {necklaces}

We all know I am obsessed with mint and coral, add in my love for necklaces and we have trouble. I am head over heels in love with all of these necklaces! They are gorgeous and would pretty much go with anything in my wardrobe, which means I should totally buy all of them, right??

These first two necklaces are from simply livly. I love the mix of bohemian and modern her necklaces have.

Source: via Jenelle on Pinterest

Source: via Jenelle on Pinterest

These next two necklaces are from malva handmade. I pretty much want EVERYTHING in her shop!

Source: via Jenelle on Pinterest

Source: via Jenelle on Pinterest

I am pretty sure one of these is on it's way to live with me!
What are you loving lately?


Monday, April 23, 2012

hello monday {cleaning & creating}

Hello Monday!

Hello to an unexpected rain shower we had either last last night or early this morning. It left the wonderful smell of clean fresh earth.

Hello to a day of cleaning. I scrubbed my bathroom yesterday and thought I might pass out from the bleach fumes. Today I want to keep the cleaning going.

Source: via Asha on Pinterest

Hello to a day of crafting and creating

I wish my space was this pretty and this organized!

Hello to only a 4 weeks left of missing my dear sweet husband! Yesterday I booked our hotel room. It is so close yet it still feels oh so far. 4 weeks from tomorrow I will be on my way to Rhode Island!

Hello to more time at the gym this week

What are you plans for Monday and this week?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

instafriday: birthday recap

Happy Friday friends! Just over a month left before I am in Rhode Island again, this time to see the hubs graduate! woohooo, come on 4 more weeks! then time can totally slow down.

Last weekend was lots of fun birthday celebrations.

First up a yummy cheese tray! I love me some cheese, it is not very weight watchers friendly so it is a total treat. 

My dinner was the! Short ribs in a red wine sauce, the meat pretty much just fell off the bone! I took my sweet old time eating this amazing dish. 

The lovely gals that come out and celebrated with me. Liz, Tobi and Maili! Thank you gals so much for making me feel special this weekend and always!

Liz and I before we devoured the panacotta dessert.

Saturday I took myself to lunch. A yummy panera salad and finishing up book 2 of The Hunger Games. I have no problem going to lunch alone, dinner, that is a whole different beast. 

Also on Saturday Liz and finally found a cupcake place! We have been in search for over a month! Every time we go some where they are either closed or no longer exist. These red velvet cupcakes were yummy, but I don' t think they had cream cheese frosting. I was a bit sad about that. 

Sunday was my actual birthday and Liz and Rik made a yummy dinner to celebrate. Salmon stuffed with crab, so dang good! 

Rockin my new pink lipstick. Totally love it and probably would have never bought it for myself. 

Just your typical morning flyover walking home from the gym.

Since I have just over a month left before I see my wonderful hubby again it is time to get super hardcore at the gym. I have 4 more pounds to loose and I want to really tone and sculpt my arms and legs. 

Per hubs direction I went and got a pedicure on Monday, also known as our 3 year wedding anniversary. Such a sweetie to insist I get a pedicure. 

I have been eating strawberries every day in some way shape or form, I just can't get enough. The ones from the farmers market are a thousand times better than the store bought ones. Did you know Oxnard is the strawberry capital of the world?? well maybe not world but it is famous for strawberries. I love strawberry season. 

Don't forget to follow all my insta-goodness! I'm bellarellajen 

life rearranged

Thursday, April 19, 2012

thoughts for thursday {putting on a happy face}

Happy Friday Eve, the weekend is almost upon us. What fun plans do you have lined up for this weekend? I will be having brunch with a new bloggy friend, shopping with Liz {we might do that every weekend!} and of course church on Sunday. Hopefully this weekend also includes hearing my sweet man's voice.

Today I am linking up with the adorable Manda Jane from Elf House Chronicles

The last few days I have been in a bit of a funk. I feel like sometimes I put on a happy face and power through things. I am the strong girl, I take on that role. I often times tell myself to suck it and get over it because there are people in far worse situations than you are. However, that doesn't mean I don't have the right to feel sad, angry, upset or just down right fed up.

For the last year we have been on a roller coaster ride when it comes to orders and where we will go next. I have been so patient. Taking what ever new possibility comes our way. It seems like since last May we have had some type of life changing {for the military} news every 6-8 weeks. So every few months I accept something new. Orders to Japan, orders being pulled because we have an OCS package in. If we didn't get accepted in September we would get orders in October and most likely have moved in November or December. I was ready for all of it.

We were blessed beyond words when we found out Scott was accepted into OCS. They said early spring to summer would be the soonest Scott would go to Officer Candidate School. Thus we began to think we would be here in Ventura until well into Fall of 2012. WRONG. Right after thanksgiving we got the letter that said Scott would report to OCS in January. January is not spring or summer! Ok, new plan. As you can see things just keep on a'changin. We have to roll with the punches. It's the military, we all know you plan for the unexpected.

After a year of rolling with it all I'm starting to feel a bit defeated. I'm feeling like I am living in limbo and I just don't like it anymore. I try and pretend it doesn't bother me but it does. My patience is wearing thin. I am starting to feel like life is all topsy turvy and the drivers seat is empty while I'm in the back seat barely strapped in.

I tell myself this is the military life, you know that better than anyone. But you know what, I can still be annoyed. I can still be frustrated. My friend Liz heard my cries of frustration on Tuesday and texted the golden words "taco tuesday" in a text, yes please! While sipping our flaco margarita and sangria she reminded me that I am allowed to feel this way. I am allowed to be pissed off for a bit. To get it out so I can move on. Yes, that is what I needed to do. Let it out, be pissed off. Remind myself that I don't have to hold it all in. I also don't need to vent it out via witchy, boohoo, depressed facebook posts {i may have a few people in my feed that tend to do that and it drives me nuts!}. 

As these last few weeks of OCS wind down I am beginning to get antsy and the frustration of the unknown is peaking it's little head out and laughing at me. I have to remind myself I am only human, I don't need to be the happiest gal all the time, I need to lean on the Lord more and remember his plan is perfect. His timing is sometimes hard to accept but that is life. Most importantly I need to remember I can express those feelings, it is good to do so in order to keep moving forward.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what i wore {coral crush}

It's Wednesday friends, that meas it's time to share my snapshot of outfits I wore this past week.

The weather here is so bizarre. It was pretty crazy rain on Thursday night and Friday, and then it stopped but the winds picked up.

Wednesday: ran a few errands

scarf: american eagle outfitters
jacket: h&m
top: forever21
jeans: Joe's jeans via nordstrom rack
flats: target

Thursday: went to my friend tobi's for lunch where we proceeded to chat for 6 hours! {we know this because her daughter tatum let her know, hehe}

top, tank, bracelet & skinnies: forever21
necklace: francescas
earrings: charming charlies
bag: my birthday gift to me, kate spade
shoes: nine west via tjmaxx

Friday: girls night! Dinner/early birthday celebration. We went to dinner and ate tons of good food and drank good wine. It was a fantastic time!

jacket: kohls {lauren conrad collection}
top, ring, earrings & skirt: forever21
tights: target
booties: charlotte russe
necklace: banana republic {a gift}
{I think everything Liz is wearing is from forever 21}

Saturday: lunch date with myself at Panera, target, ross, and then a cupcake outing with Liz

earrings and top: forever21
sweater: target
jeans: Paige denim via crossroads
shoes: nine west via tjmaxx
clutch: birthday gift from tobi {nine west}

Sunday: church and farmers market

necklace, earrings, tank and skirt: forever21
jacket: miley cyrus {from my sister}
tights: target
boots: nine west
bracelet: h&m

Tuesday: starbucks to get some writing done, answer emails and  then run errands

necklace: francescas
sweater: old navy
tank and bracelets: forever21
skinnies: Paige denim {thrifted}
sandals: target

As you can see I am a bit obsessed with coral. I like it last spring and summer but this year I am head over heels in love! Since the weather isn't allowing for sundresses I am trying to wear bright colors to feel springy.

What color are you obsessing over?

pleated poppy

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