Friday, April 20, 2012

instafriday: birthday recap

Happy Friday friends! Just over a month left before I am in Rhode Island again, this time to see the hubs graduate! woohooo, come on 4 more weeks! then time can totally slow down.

Last weekend was lots of fun birthday celebrations.

First up a yummy cheese tray! I love me some cheese, it is not very weight watchers friendly so it is a total treat. 

My dinner was the! Short ribs in a red wine sauce, the meat pretty much just fell off the bone! I took my sweet old time eating this amazing dish. 

The lovely gals that come out and celebrated with me. Liz, Tobi and Maili! Thank you gals so much for making me feel special this weekend and always!

Liz and I before we devoured the panacotta dessert.

Saturday I took myself to lunch. A yummy panera salad and finishing up book 2 of The Hunger Games. I have no problem going to lunch alone, dinner, that is a whole different beast. 

Also on Saturday Liz and finally found a cupcake place! We have been in search for over a month! Every time we go some where they are either closed or no longer exist. These red velvet cupcakes were yummy, but I don' t think they had cream cheese frosting. I was a bit sad about that. 

Sunday was my actual birthday and Liz and Rik made a yummy dinner to celebrate. Salmon stuffed with crab, so dang good! 

Rockin my new pink lipstick. Totally love it and probably would have never bought it for myself. 

Just your typical morning flyover walking home from the gym.

Since I have just over a month left before I see my wonderful hubby again it is time to get super hardcore at the gym. I have 4 more pounds to loose and I want to really tone and sculpt my arms and legs. 

Per hubs direction I went and got a pedicure on Monday, also known as our 3 year wedding anniversary. Such a sweetie to insist I get a pedicure. 

I have been eating strawberries every day in some way shape or form, I just can't get enough. The ones from the farmers market are a thousand times better than the store bought ones. Did you know Oxnard is the strawberry capital of the world?? well maybe not world but it is famous for strawberries. I love strawberry season. 

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Manda Jane said...

that pink lipstick is fierce! and you totally rock it out! you look amazing!

The New Normal said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration! And how sweet that your husband insisted on you getting a pedicure! Lovin' the pink lipstick. It looks good on you!

Cherith Ann said...

All that food looks amazing!

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