Monday, April 30, 2012

our next adventure

If you follow me on instagram {rellasbellas} then you have seen a few of my posts in the last few weeks about being frustrated with not knowing where we are going. We are leaving here sometime in July or August and had no clue where we are going.

Friday we finally found out where the Navy will take us for our next adventure: Norfolk, Virginia!

I am so excited! Scott and I were really hoping to be able to get our of California and explore some where new. I am really excited to get to explore the east coast. We will be so close {compared to CA} to NYC, Boston, Washington DC, etc. I think the next three years are going to be an amazing adventure. Scott will be going to a greyhound squadron, his deployments will be a bit different than we expected, in a good way. He will most likely spend a lot of time in different ports and will not always be ships company so that means I should be able to visit on some of the stop! woohooo!

We should get our orders cut some time this week, and know exact dates for everything. We are planning to try and get things in order by July before Scott has to leave again for 8 weeks of training. I will be able to stay with him while he is there and after 18 weeks apart I will do whatever we have to so I can stay there with him.

Now we get to prepare for our first big PCS {going 3 hours from SD to Ventura didn't really count, hehe}.

I need to start examining every room and getting rid of junk so they are ready to be packed up.

I need to gather of the things that we need to hand carry, aka important paper documents.

Time to clean out the pantry and donate all of the food we have that I know won't get eaten in the next 6-8 weeks.

I did a bit of searching for housing to get an idea of what we would be working with. From the people both Scott and I know we've heard good things about Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. We should be able to find a cute little house to live in.

Another piece of exciting news is my sister, BIL and nephew will be stationed about an hour away!

One of the first things I realized is I will be able to get Dunkin Donuts coffee whenever I want! Silly, but exciting.

This week I need to sit down and make a list of things to do before we PCS. Any of you fellow milspouses have any advice? Feel free to share away!

{Scott also wrapped up all of his classes and tests last week at OCS, these last 3 weeks his classes will be leading the new class that came in. This also means he gets his phone back and come wednesday we will have many more freedoms so we can chat a bit more. He will still be beyond busy as he has a pretty large leadership role these next few weeks be being able to text will be so nice!}


Our Pinteresting Family said...

Enjoy your new adventure! Norfolk is a great place with lots of fun places to visit close by.

Beth @ the city said...

That so exciting :) It's fun to know where you're going so you plan now! And you're right about so many places to explore on the east coast. VA itself is great, but there's so much to do north and south of that area! I hope you make it up to Boston!

Kathleen said...

If you ever decide to visit NYC we HAVE to meet up!

Best of luck moving - hope it's smooth and maybe even a little fun.

My Traveling Troop said...

How exciting! Enjoy Norfolk! We certainly did! Norfolk is where my husband was stationed when we were dating and when he proposed. :) So if you need any tips (restaurants, non-touristy beaches, what the neighborhoods are like, etc.) email us!

Congrats on your new destination! Enjoy the adventure!


Manda Jane said...

fantastic news! it's great not having to wonder or worry any longer and now you can start planning! sounds like a great adventure!!

The New Normal said...

How exciting! We love the Virginia Beach area and spent all of my husband's R&R there last year. How wonderful for you! I hope the move goes smoothly!

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