Tuesday, April 17, 2012

staying the course {not drifting from God}

This Sunday I heard an amazing message at church. It was simple and yet so thought provoking.

His message was probably something Scott and I needed to hear a year ago. From the beginning of our marriage Scott and I struggled with finding a church that was a good fit for both of us. We spent most of our time at this duty station going to a Lutheran church about 35 minutes away. Scott grew up going to a Lutheran Church. He had been to this specific church a few times after moving to Ventura. So when we got married and I moved north to be with him this became the church we went to.

I grew up going to church and some time in my teens I strayed away. I wasn't feeling it. I lost my way. I don't think I lost my faith, but my direction was slightly off course.

Scott and I always talked about the fact that we both knew we would eventually go back to church. While we were dating we occasionally went to a church in San Diego. It was more of the church I grew up going to. Worship music that made you want to jump out of your seat and sing. We didn't recite various different sayings just because of tradition. It was worship music and then the message, and of course a bit more music at the end. I began to fall back in love with going to church.

Fast forward to getting married and going to the Lutheran church, my love began to fade. I never felt the holy spirit. I know the holy spirit washes over me during worship. When I am standing, singing, praising Jesus. When I can close my eyes, and let the Lord work inside of me while singing to him. Sitting in a pew, singing from a hymnal while hearing the organ is just not for me. I would leave church in a bad mood. I didn't feel like we belonged. I didn't agree with the way the Lutheran church worked. When I asked why things were done that way it always came down to because it was how it has always been done. That didn't sit right with me.

I wanted my faith to continue to grow and strengthen. After a lot of talking and fighting I finally gave up and told Scott that he was the husband and in charge of our house. I asked him to pray to God about where we should go. I asked him to remember that it wasn't what he felt was best for him, but what he felt the Lord was telling him to do for us as a couple. One Sunday he woke up and said we were going to a church in Oxnard we had tried.Calvary Chapel. I feel the Lord brought us this church and can feel my faith and walk strengthening. I know the Lord worked in Scott's heart to show him this is where we needed to be.

Sundays sermon was a reminder to NOT drift from my course in my relationship with the Lord. We explored the first few verses in the second chapter of Hebrews. It was a great reminder that if we do not actively put a priority on God we will drift away.

Source: google.com via Hayley on Pinterest

Towards the end of the sermon he said something that really struck a cord with me, he asked us to think back to lat year and said "How different would your life be had you been paying closer attention to God." Scott and I struggled a lot in the beginning of our second year of marriage. Had we not drifted away from the Lord and more specifically church our struggle would not have been so hard. Spiritual growth doesn't just happen. We have to cultivate that relationship with the Lord. He is always there and waiting, it is us that looses focus and drifts away. I want to be able to look back in a year from now and know that I stayed the course.

I need to continue to make a conscious effort to wake up every day and start my morning by giving it to the Lord. Asking him to guide me and show me what his plans are. I need to not just talk about God but talk to him!


The New Normal said...

It's so wonderful to find a church that brings out the passion and love within you. And especially a place that both you and your husband can call home. I'm glad that you found such a place and were there to hear such a good message!

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