Monday, May 7, 2012

planning our coast to coast adventure

Happy Monday bloggy loves. How was your weekend? Mine started out a bit crazy.

I went to bed Thursday night with a game plan for Friday. Wake up, hit the gym, breakfast, walk khloe, shower, and then run a few errands. In reality the day went nothing like that.

I woke up to text messages and and an email from Scott telling me that he had received official copies of his orders {official paper documentation to tell us where we will be going next}. We of course knew our ultimate duty station destination was Norfolk, VA. What we did not expect was to have to go to Norfolk before Florida. We had planned to need to be in Florida by about July 5 or 6th. When I opened the email and read his orders they stated that Scott was to report to Norfolk by June 26. JUNE 26! I probably screamed the date about 5 times before it really sunk in. Dang, that is soon. In my head I had mentally been preparing for us to need to leave CA to go to Florida around June 26, not to already be 3000 miles across the country.

I quickly pulled out my planner and ipad to calculate when we would need to plan our move. As I looked at dates on the calendar it all finally sank in, we need to leave California in 6 weeks!! If you take out the week I am in Rhode Island for Scott's graduation that leaves us 5 weeks to get it all done. DANG. I kind of began to get a bit overwhelmed. I knew that I needed to act fast and make sure we had a game plan. I also needed to make sure we had plan B, C and D in order, because as every milspouse knows the military teaches you to plan for the unexpected.

I formulated a game plan and frantically texted Scott that despite how busy He was we needed to chat. I needed to do a plethora of things and needed to make sure he was comfortable with my decisions.

Our plan is to have movers come and pack up our house on June 12th, that gives us a few days to clean the place and then turn in the keys on June 15th. We will then be headed east on June 16th. We get back from Rhode Island on May 30th and we are spending the first couple of days in Vegas to relax. That means that I have the next 2 weeks to get our house organized. Thankfully I do not have to pack it up. The Navy pays movers to come and do that. But I do need to put things to the side that we will need to hand carry, aka important documents that we do not want lost in a move. I also need to put things aside that we will need for the next 4 months. After our brief stay in VA we will head to Florida for 2 months for Scott to attend school. We will spend 8 weeks in FL. Our house will be waiting to be shipped to VA. We won't send our stuff east until we have secured a place to live in VA in September.

I spent the afternoon getting all the necessary paperwork and documentation together to officially have our move set up.

It is so crazy to think that 3 weeks ago I had no idea what we would be doing in 4 months and then on Friday, in a matter of 3 hours I had it all planned out.

Scott and I will finally be taking our cross country road trip CA to VA: a coast to coast adventure.

I have accepted the fact that from June to October Scott and I will be traveling gypsies. I am kind of excited. Kind of. The type A planner in me is not, but the adventurer in me is pumped!

This is the cutest little set up. I wonder if I should bring some fun decor to spruce up the hotel like living we will be doing in Florida? Some anthro mugs and latte bowls could spruce up any space!


Beth @ the city said...

Wow, it's crazy how fast things can change...and really exciting too! I'm glad you can plan it all out (well, as much as possible). A cross country road trip will be great!

Shannon said...

Moving time goes by so fast it amazes me, how they can pick up and move us in such a quick time frame.

Before you know it 3 years will pass and you will be planning out your next adventure. Can't wait to see pictures of your travels.

I'm loving that set up I would do it if the hubs wouldn't freak or be worried one of the kids being king kong to it lol.


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