Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick Brand Makeover {a guest post}

Hi Friends, I have a special treat for you today!

My sweet friend and fellow milspouse Tiffany is sharing with us some great pointers for your brand. She is an amazingly talented Marketing Writer for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.

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I have shared with some of you that I am working on a bit of rebranding this summer. These tips below are perfect! I will be putting them to great use with my makeover.


I was scrolling through Pinterest recently and noticed a trend. Everyone is looking for fresh makeovers for the summer. Everyone is lightening her hair, both in color and weight. They are white washing furniture and splashing paint on walls. They are gathering airy outfits and pulling together crisp, sweet drinks.

With all the light, fresh makeovers, are you looking at your brand with a heavy sigh? Is it too weighty? Is it pulling you down emotionally? Give your brand a quick makeover today and feel the weight lifted.

1) Chop out all the unnecessary words. Lush, long sentences are comforting in the dark, cold months. But today, everyone wants to get outside... Not read a novel on their screens. Change up your product descriptions and other long paragraphs by paring them WAY down to the basics.

2) Reflect your inventory. If you offer a service, now might be a great time to pull together a bright, quick package option. If you sell a product, create a basketful that's a no brainer purchase for a trip or long afternoon. Give it a light, fun name and watch it fly off the shelves as people rush out on vacation!

3) Get seasonal with it! Do you have a Tagline or Slogan you just love? Is it making you yawn? Throw a little sunshine into it! Let's look at some classic examples:

Petco - Where the pets go.

Another option:
"Where the dog-tired pets go." (Doesn't that sound like the perfect place to escape the heat?)

Bounty - The Quilted Quicker Picker Upper.

Another option:
"The Picnic Quicker Picker Upper." (Put your product in a seasonal setting.)

This summer, don't just change up your logo or website. Give your words a quick makeover and let them enjoy a lighter, breezier season!

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