Monday, June 11, 2012

the beginning of good-bye

Wow, today is a big day.

I feel like it snuck up quickly.

Today the movers come to pack up our house.

Tomorrow they will load everything into the truck and drive away with our belongings.

There have been times where I think I was in denial. Not about moving, but how quickly it was all going to happen.

Just 5 weeks ago we had no idea where we were moving to and when I would actually leave CA.

I have lived in California since October of 1995. Almost 17 years. I went to college in CA, I met my husband in CA, I got married in CA.

Now we are packing up the life we know for something brand new and totally foreign to us.

I have been a west coast girl most of my life, living in Southern California or Hawaii. Moving to Virginia does seem a bit like moving to another country.

I can't really find the words to explain how I feel. I am happy, yet sad. Excited yet scared. I have anxiety, I have fears but most of all I just feel all of these things all at once.
We leave CA on June 17th. Our first stop is Minnesota to drop Khloe off to stay with my parents for a few months. Then we make our way to Virginia to check into the command. 10 days later we head down to Florida for Scott to attend school for 2 months. This means we are going to be hotel dwellers until September.

This is our first PCS move together. We've both done them before, Scott as a single sailor and me as a child. Being the grown up and planning the move is very different. I kept thinking I have forgotten to do something.

Last week I put the shop in vacation mode. Friday I went through my closet and pulled enough clothes to last me a hot and humid summer in Florida. Yesterday I packed my shop supplies in 2 big plastic bins, enough stuff to allow me up open up shop again when we get settled in Florida.

Posts will be a bit all over the place these next few weeks/months. I do plan to share all about Rhode Island and Scott's graduation when I have time, but for now I will be focusing on my last week in CA and enjoying time with the hubby.


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