Monday, June 18, 2012

west coast in the rear view mirror

Yesterday we said a final round of goodbyes to people we love dearly in San Diego.

This goodbye included saying hello & goodbye to my best friend's new baby girl Stella. At 5 hours old auntie Rella got to meet Baby Stella. Baby girl was born on the same day I left CA after calling it home for 15 years, a date I will never forget.

Saying all of our goodbyes was beyond emotional. While I mumbled "stupid Navy" under my breath at each goodbye I got some great perspective while on the road yesterday. While the Navy is taking us away from all of these great people I never would have met them were it not for the Navy.

The friends I said goodbye to who I've know since I was in high school I never would have met had my dad not got stationed in San Diego.

Scott met our godsons parents while stationed in Italy.

We never would have met our amazing friends in Mugu had Scott not got stationed there.

So while the Navy pulled us away from these people we love so dearly it is also what brought these friendships into our hearts.

We made it to Arizona last night and slept at a cute little motel on historic route 66. Today we are headed to the grand canyon and then north to Utah & Colorado.

If you want to follow along on our road trip journey follow me on twitter & instagram @rellasbellas

{I hope this post doesn't look crazy & shows the pics, I'm posting from my iPhone while hubs drives}


Taylor said...

how sad to leave friends but how fun to see the U.S. I'll be following on here and on Instagram ; )

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

I am loving following your roadtrip and new life journey! The post looks great, btw. ;) It takes a strong woman to be a military wife, to move around, live alone, etc. YOU will do this though and you'll do it well. There's no doubt in my mind that you'll find friends fast and create a new normal. Praying for you and loving sharing the journey with you, via your pics & posts! xoxo

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