Tuesday, July 10, 2012

bold stripes {and the time tasteeos almost ended my marriage}

Ok, so now that I have your attention I must admit our marriage did not almost end.

But we did joke about it.

Last week while in our hotel in Virginia I  got a bit frazzled {read pissed off} because Scott ate the end of a bag of chips and when I asked him earlier in the day if we or he needed anything at the store he did NOT mention needing more chips. When I got home to make dinner the chips and salsa were going to be a part of said dinner. The crumbs and the bottom of the bag frustrated me and I may have said some not so nice things.

We moved on and I decided to add a small bowl of tasteeos and soy milk to the dinner menu. As I reached for the box Scott looked at me and asked what I would do if the box was empty. Before my hand even touched the box I could feel my face turning red. As I picked up the box and felt the weight of cereal still inside my blood pressure calmed it self.

I laughed at him and said "it would be over" as I poured my cereal.

Scott laughed and said "Good thing I didn't eat them all or you'd be writing a blog post called How Tasteeos Ended My Marriage".

I started laughing hysterically, both at the title and at what he thought "it would be over" meant. I meant it like "it would be on" over as in no more mrs. nice girl, I would be pissed.

headband: Target// necklace & top: Francesca's// shorts: Forever21// wedges: Payless via my friend Tobi// friendship bracelets:gift from my friend Liz// silver cuff: Tiffany & Co.

We joked about what a funny blog post it would be. And now look, it is. But not because Tasteeos ended my marriage but because it reminded me I need to control my temper more and respect my husband more.

In the soul detox study I did for she reads truth there was a lesson that discussed how powerful words are; "the tongue is a small part of the body yet it holds much power".

Another day we studied chapter four in Ephesians. These verses hit me hard.

I am so bad at forgiveness. I let the littlest things get to me, which is really just me not forgiving someone {usually my husband} for doing something that bothers me. Often times something they don't even know bothers me. I need to remind myself DAILY to get rid of bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words and slander.

I need to be in prayer daily for God to give me the strength to not let my anger and bitterness about something take control. I need to make every effort to make sure the words that come out of my mouth are thoughtful and are life giving words.

I need to be in prayer daily for God to give me the guidance to honor my husband every day. You will never receive what you aren't willing to give. I need to give my husband respect if I except him to show me respect. This is something I try very hard to do with others, but when it comes to my husband I fail.

I fail because I don't put in the same amount of effort as I do with others. It hurts me to even type those words, but they are the truth. The truth is I don't always treat my husband the way he deserves to be treated. This is something I struggle with almost daily. Spending time in the word every morning is changing my heart. A change that I hope continues to strengthen our marriage.

What do you struggle with in your marriage? Please tell me I am not the only one who struggles with what Ephesians 4: 31-32 tells us to do.


Stacey @flickerwhips said...

Good words to remember! Let me throw in 1 Corinthians 13 4-7 and the Golden Rule, you probably learned in grade school, "Treat others the way you wish to be treated!
My hubby and i have been together for 27 years and married for 23, sounds like you're well on your way to those numbers too!! ~Keep Looking UP!!~

Christine@Mavy May Designs said...

Im co-hosting the hop today and just want to say I love this post ( and your outfit) Happy to be your newest follower.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Stop it! You are so cute i want to squeeze you! And tiny! You are my inspiration. I want to look like you!!

Lol I would have been upset with him, and I too, have a hard time with forgiveness. I think it just takes me a lot longer than it should. Btu the fact that we know that we need to work on it is a start :)

Melissa Enault said...

Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!!

Elly - jazzlipsandtulips said...

Im a shocker with forgiveness, i remember when i was a kid i would constantly look down to my WWJD bracelet and all would be fine! being a kid was easy! at least we can acknowledge our faults! also you look great!! And i also found you through the GFC blog hop! xx Elly

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Such a cute outfit and your post title made me giggle. Marriage definitely teaches us patience and forgiveness in sometimes much larger doses than we care to take. :) Love that quote...a good reminder!

the domestic fringe said...

Thanks for this great post! I needed to read it today.

You look super-cute too. ;-)

Lindsay said...

I am the same exact way. The littlest things set me off and my temper is so hard to control! I am loving this outfit. That shirt is so bright and colorful. I love it!

Kassie Rew said...

Love how you paired the stripes with green shorts. Cute.

This post is so me. My temper easily comes out. I definitely need to watch my tongue!
She reads truth is awesome...totally loving it!

Chelsea said...

Aren't relationships hard?! I'm the same way though girl! Loving your outfit though!

blm said...

This entry really spoke to me! There have been quite a few of those incidents around here. I recently moved to Japan to join my husband after almost 10 months apart, and it's been a real challenge adjusting. Thanks for sharing your journey!


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