Thursday, July 5, 2012

how to rock a headband {rellasbellas style}

top & earrings: forever21// headband: rellas bellas // necklace: coming soon!!!

Do you follow me on istagram? {@rellasbellas}

If you do you are very familiar with my headband obsession. I wear one almost

Thank gosh the hubs thinks I look cute wearing them, because I am uuuuuuuuh--bsessed.

{headband from my shop }
scarf: forever21/ jacket: H&M

So many of my IG followers comment on how they just can't wear the "hippie" headband. They say they look silly or like a kid.

{headband from my shop}

I am here to share my secrets to rocking a headband:

step 1: find a headband that you love {you can check my shop out for some uber cute ones}

{my favorite headband from my shop}

step 2: skip washing your hair for 1 or 5 days {the dirtier the better!}

step 3: after your shower style your bangs the way you'd like them and tousle your hair {using a brush or comb is optional}

step 4: place headband around your head, slightly lower in the back and allow the back hair to poof up a bit, aka the mushroom look

step 5: make a funny face and rock the headband baby!

{again, my favorite shop headband}
top & shorts: forever21// necklace: simply livly

The key to rocking a headband is confidence.

OWN it girl!

put that headband on and be fierce, or silly, or goofy. Just rock it.

Who cares of someone looks at you crazy. Someone will also comment on how cute it is.

Take a walk on the wild side.

Step out of your comfort zone .


top: H&M// purse: coach via nordstrom rack


Ernestine Edna said...

You are adorable! Rock on!

Object of Maya*ffection said...

So CUTE! I LOVE them all on you - you look adorbs! And you're right, they KEY to RAWKING anything is CONFIDENCE!!!

Beth @ the city said...

So true, it's all about the confidence! And finding the right headband is key too :) thanks for the tips. I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes...probably via instagram!

Sandy a la Mode said...

so many cute hairstyles not washing your hair for many days and i just can't do it. my hair gets sooooooo oily and gross after one day, *sigh*

Chelsea said...

I totally want to rock a headband now! You're absolutely adorable :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Ahh I love this post! I love headbands and bows!!! Your headbands are adorable. And I so agree the dirtier your hair the better. You should check out my blog, I think you'd like it!

AMY PALMER said...

Your headbands are seriously the cutest ever! Would love to put one of those cuties on my head! Keep up the amazing work! Thanks for visiting Blank Pages.


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