Monday, July 9, 2012

Milton, Florida {home for the next 2 months}

Don't adjust your computers friends. You read the post title correctly. We are in Florida for the next two months. Scott has to attend AMO training here. Then we will head back up north and be in Virginia for good. {well for as long as the Navy tells us it home}

I have to admit I'm not sold on living in Milton just yet. We knew it was going to be small, but you just don't know until you see it yourself.

The base is pretty much a ghost town and closed on the weekend. We shall see what it is like tomorrow.

Here is a text conversation I had with my mom:

Me: This place is in the middle of no where

Mom: Where are you?

Me: Milton, Florida

Mom: Oh never heard of it

Me: Exactly, LOL!

Another text I sent my friends Liz & Tobi:

"Milton Florida looks like a place where I should be barefoot and prego. Send Help!"

I admit the text to Tobi & Liz might be a bit extreme, but there are just times where you need to be, it helps drive home a point. In this case I was trying to drive home that this base is in BFE. They got the message. ;)

I know God has a plan for us these next two months. Living in a little 1 bedroom apartment/hotel suite is going to allow me to really focus on the shop and blog. I really think that is Gods plan for me here. There won't be a lot of distractions to get in the way. However, this city girl feels a weeeee bit out of place.

I know I need to give it a chance, but with all the changes we have had in the last few months I think it is ok for me to be a little apprehensive about this place & situation.

{I also want to point out that I most definitely know it could be worse and I could have to be apart from Scott for 2 months.}


Nicole said...

I'm sure you will end up having a fabulous time there. Keep your eyes open for fun events and activities!

Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

C'mon- you can get through it! Grow where we're planted is definitely the motto of the military wife and God truly does have a plan for you... even in BFE Milton! Look at it as 2 months to really focus on time with Scott after being apart most of the spring! Focusing on your shop and your new Navy Wives network site! The next two months will FLY by and Milton will be but a memory in your past.

You are with your hubby. It could almost always be worse- so find some little things to make it a grand adventure! Oh, and maybe travel on the weekends, haha!

Beth @ the city said...

I was born at Eglin AFB :) that's very close to Milton FL. The beaches along that coast are so beautiful. Don't they call it the Emerald Coast?

I'm sure you'll find things to do. I will pray you find meaningful ways to fill your time. Hugs!

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