Friday, August 31, 2012

avoiding hurricane isaac, leopard wellies and a vlog!

Happy Friday Friends!
This week has been a bit bizarre. We spent most of it couped up in our hotel waiting to see if Hurricane Isaac was going to hit the panhandle of Florida. Lucky for us it did not.
I have also been working to get my new site up, Navy Wives Unite. It is live! Please do me a big favor and check it out. Add it to your blog list, pretty please :)

{how funny is my face here, lol!}

Of course I can't leave you with  just a vlog, instagram goodness!

Scott found these boots on clearance at Target and thought I would hate them, he pointed them out and I infact love them! We might have had a mini wrestling match in the shoe section. I won and thus the leopard wellies came home with me! 
One of the days Scott has off because of the potential for a hurricane we had a in hotel coffee date.
Yesterday evening I needed a break from the endless hours I have spent looking at my computer screen so I decided to play with the new beads I bought and whipped up this beauty.
More fall themed goodies I have whipped up over the last few weeks.
Last night we both needed a beer, hello Texas Roadhouse. Hello massive bud light for the hubs.
This verse really stuck out to me this week. It was a great reminder in the midst of me getting worked up over the changes we have coming in the next few weeks and getting settled in VA.
I have been working on a few orders this week. These earrings will be listed very soon, but if you'd like a pair now just let me know $12 and they are yours {inlcudes shipping}
Last night I had to wear my new wellies out. I freakin love them!
I hope you all have a wonderful Labor day weekend! 
6 more days and Florida will be just a memory!

life rearranged

Thursday, August 30, 2012

these are my confessions

As I wrote that title I thought of the Usher song, remember that song?
So it has been a bit quiet around these parts.  I have spent a ton of time sitting in front of my computer these last few weeks, doing all kinds of things, working on my Navy Wives Unite website that is going live tomorrow! Looking for possible places to live and work at in Norfolk. Lots of training and emails for my Chapter Director volunteer position with Blue Star Families. See, lots of computer stuff, just not blogging.

I must also confess that I am not reading my blogs regularly like I used to. Why? Well to be completely honest I sometimes get a bit of anxiety lately reading other blogs. I feel like mine doesn't look good enough, or I am not doing enough. And sometimes because they spark other ideas in my head and to be honest I have too much crap on my plate right now to think about doing anything else.
As I said earlier I am looking for a job in Norfolk. I have a pretty crazy criteria list. I really really really want it to be part time. But I also really really really want a paycheck and a job that makes me feel good. It is a tall order, but I think I can find the perfect job if I search hard enough. I have been looking into different events I can go to once in Norfolk to start networking and get my name out into the community.

Tomorrow my Navy Wives site goes live. I am nervous and excited. I know it will take time to grow the site and get the name out there, but it just seems a bit overwhelming sometimes. Plus now I will be managing two websites. The reality is I need to be more structured and spend less time doing random stuff.

I also must confess that I set up a sponsor page and signed up for Passionfruit Ads because everyone has been raving about it non stop. My confession is that I do not like it. The two ads that I have sponsoring my blog aren't there every time I look at my site. I have emailed them and they can see but I can't so I have no idea what to do. {Can you see the big Austenland and Navy Wives Unite buttons on the right under "My Sponsors"?}

What are your confessions?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

what i wore in NOLA: simply turquoise {and a review of perscription sunglasses}

Two weekends ago we visited New Orleans. I fell in love with the city immediately. Even thought we were there for less than 48 hours and it rained most of the time I still left a piece of my heart when we drove away.
It was totally not planned but I wore tons of turquoise accents and all over the city they had tons of bright colored doors and shutters, including turquoise. 
sunglasses: c/o firmoo // earrings: c/o world market {similar pair} // top, tank, necklace & shorts: Forever 21 // bag: jo totes // bracelet: world market // shoes: Toms via Nordstrom

Before we headed to NOLA we stopped at the post office to pick up my new Firmoo Prescription Sunglasses.

I was contacted by Firmoo to try out a pair of Firmoo prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. I was pretty stoked because I was in serious need of a new pair of prescription sunglasses.
They shipped on a Monday and arrived by Friday, awesome! The glasses are even cuter in person than they were online. I love the shape, which is a similar shape to a pair of designer sunglasses I have been eyeing.
The sunglasses hard case was a bit smashed when I opened the package but the sunglasses were unharmed. There was also a soft case and a little kit to tighten or replace the screws should they come loose. That little feature made my day! After so many times of putting your sunglasses up on top of your head they stretch a bit and tightening the screws is something I always have to do with my sunglasses.
Firmoo has a program for free eyewear for new buyers, so if you haven't ordered from Firmoo before you should head here to pick out your free pair! {all you pay for is shipping}

Monday, August 27, 2012

one of our last weekends in Florida {preparing for a Hurricane!}

How is every one's Monday going? We spent part of the weekend and this morning prepping for Hurricane Isaac. Luckily we do not have to evacuate but we did need to be prepared for a few days of crazy rain, winds and possible flooding.
We thought we were going to make it out of Florida sans hurricane since we only have 9 days left here!
This past weekend was pretty mellow and very relaxing. We headed into Pensacola for happy hour. {I'm pretty sure Friday happy hour is a requirement.}

After a few mojitos at happy hour we walked over to The Wine Bar for wine an cheese, yes please! My favorite things are wine and cheese, like take to a deserted island items. 

Saturday morning the hubs made breakfast. He is becoming a pancake aficionado. Add some strawberries and whipped cream and it becomes a fancy brunch.

We spent Saturday afternoon thrifting and antiquing. I had some major scores, 2 pyrex dishes, 2 milk glass vases and 4 cups for $8.72! 

We needed a quick pick me up to keep antiquing so we hit up sonic for happy hour. A Chicago dog and diet limeade for $3.50 yes please!
 Sunday was gorgeous out! With the hurricane headed our way and rain forecasted through next week we figured we needed to enjoy the gulf water one last time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

a little bit of anxiety and a shop rut {coffee date friday, vlog style}

Happy Friday loves!
I'm here for our weekly coffee date!

Things have been a bit quiet around here, so sorry. I have been working on lots of behind the scenes stuff to launch Navy Wives Unite next Friday, August 31st! eeeeeeek! {If you'd be willing to share about my site going live next friday shoot me an email, navywivesuniteATgmailDOTcom }
Plus like I say in the vlog I feel like the shop is in a rut so I am working on getting back my creative juices.

Hopefully I will be back next week. {I plan to but the NWU site might have something different in store for me, hehe}

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

arm party swap {an excuse to make friendship bracelets}

A few weeks ago Lenora and ilene announced a arm party swap. what is an arm party swap?? basically an excuse to make fun friendship bracelets and send them to someone. pretty fun right?? 

I was excited to make a few bracelets I had seen on the interwebs for some time. I went to Jo'Anns and loaded up on embroidery thread, chain and plastic craft lace. Man oh man was I obsessed with plastic craft lace in elementary school! I made a crap ton of key chains back then.

My swap partner Janelle {we have the same name [different spelling], fun right??} made it very clear she LOVES blue so that was the theme I went with. I was thrilled with out these turned out and have been making them none stop ever since. I am pretty sure I have a problem with accessories!

I have to admit I did not get a chance to do any what i wore photos with my arm party loot. Since our mailbox is at the post office which is so dang far away I didn't check the mail until the end of the week last week and then we headed to NOLA. I don't know what I was thinking but I should have snapped a few pics of me wearing them there, but alas I did not.

Have you had the urge to be a 9 year old again and bust out some friendship bracelets? I highly suggest you do it, it really was fun and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Plus if you get obsessed like I did I am sure one of your besties would scream upon opening a pretty friendship bracelet in the mail. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend getaway {New Orleans, part 1}

Happy Monday! I don't know about you but the weekend flew by for us, probably because we were having a blase exploring New Orleans!

Despite the crazy rain we had most of the weekend in NOLA we had a great time. Today I am sharing just a few of the Instagram pics I took of the weekend. I will do a full post later on with the pics from my camera.

We left Friday afternoon, I was so excited to get on the road and get to NOLA. I needed a change of scenery.

On the drive there I hooked up Scott's phone to be a hotspot so I could read blog posts and drink my coke zero while he listened to talk radio.

{these pics will not be in any kind of order. I uploaded them from my phone using the blogger app and they don't want to cooperate}

Friday night we went to the hotel bar for a drink, got ready and headed out to a gastropub for dinner and drinks. It was the best night we have had in a long time. The food was AH.MAZ.ING! The drinks were delish and listening to bluesy jazz music all night was so much fun.

We were up bright and early Saturday morning to make sure we packed as much into our only full day in NOLA. First stop, coffee and breakfast.

I am seriously in love with all the colors in the city. All the buildings are painted in bright bold colors. I love these turquoise shutters. So much turquoise in NOLA, loved it!

Mid afternoon mimosa, always a good decision.

This was from our Friday night adventure. I ordered this drink specifically because it came in a mason jar, it was beyond good! It was their version of a Pimms cup, made with cucumber.

our room key, so cute and cool. We left it with the front desk every time we left the hotel.

crawfish bisque, super yummy

Of course while in NOLA you have to have a hurricane.

I love the streets in NOLA. The architecture is so cool, the greenery on all the balcony's and the height of all the buildings kept my constantly looking up.

Saturday night was a bit rainy, I was exhausted and things did not start out well. But thank goodness my husband is a trooper and put up with me. We ended up having another great dinner at a different gastropub and then headed to a speakeasy for drinks.

we had so much fun listening to the band, watching the swing dancers and talking endlessly about who knows what. I am pretty sure I should have lived during the 1920s.
We had planned to go to breakfast Sunday morning, explore the streets a bit more and then hit the road. About a block and a half after we left the hotel the light rain turned into a torrential downpour! Even with an umbrella I was soaked. We ran back to the hotel, put on dry clothes, enjoyed coffee and a simple sausage and egg breakfast at the hotel and then hit the road.

This quick weekend getaway was just what we needed. We needed to be away from Milton. It was so nice to walk everywhere, not need to worry about driving. I also realized I am getting old, we of course had to make sure we walked down bourbon street while in NOLA. It was about 2pm when we did and it was too crazy for me! It felt like a dirty vegas or a clean tijuana, mexico. Not for me.


Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm ready for Virginia {coffee date friday vlog}

Happy Friday! Another week in Florida done! only 2.5 more weeks and we get to head back to Virginia! I can't wait!

Are you guys getting tired of the vlogs yet? I have to admit I really like them. In past jobs I had to do a lot of presentations and trainings and I like to talk and interact with people. Although I don't get to hear back from you all verbally I love to share with you things from my week and how I am feeling.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments from last weeks vlog. I will be responding to them all. {if you have blogger make sure you are set up to have your email linked when you comment, so many of you don't hear back from me because it doesn't link the comment to you email!}

baby stella rockin a headband made by her auntie rella

I listed new necklaces in the shop, did you see them?

Saturday afternoon happy hour included french fries fried in duck fat, yumm!!

Friday evening happy hour included a tasty mojito

I got my hair cut on Monday, i am still adjusting to my short bangs after having them long for the last month

Sunday we hit the pool to cool off and for me to read a fall fashion issue of Elle magazine. I love the September issues of magazines best!

we had a skype date with our godsons

Saturday I wanted a new headband so I whipped this one up. I should be listing it next week in the shop.

we were supposed to go canoeing on Saturday but thunderstorms nixed that plan. I was a good wife and took the hubs to go to the air museum.

lately I have been feeling overwhelmed trying to keep everything organized. this is me at 4pm on Wednesday trying to stay sane after answering emails for hours and feeling like i didn't even put a dent in them.

a yummy panini I made for dinner earlier in the week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, we are headed to NOLA baby!!!
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