Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm ready for Virginia {coffee date friday vlog}

Happy Friday! Another week in Florida done! only 2.5 more weeks and we get to head back to Virginia! I can't wait!

Are you guys getting tired of the vlogs yet? I have to admit I really like them. In past jobs I had to do a lot of presentations and trainings and I like to talk and interact with people. Although I don't get to hear back from you all verbally I love to share with you things from my week and how I am feeling.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments from last weeks vlog. I will be responding to them all. {if you have blogger make sure you are set up to have your email linked when you comment, so many of you don't hear back from me because it doesn't link the comment to you email!}

baby stella rockin a headband made by her auntie rella

I listed new necklaces in the shop, did you see them?

Saturday afternoon happy hour included french fries fried in duck fat, yumm!!

Friday evening happy hour included a tasty mojito

I got my hair cut on Monday, i am still adjusting to my short bangs after having them long for the last month

Sunday we hit the pool to cool off and for me to read a fall fashion issue of Elle magazine. I love the September issues of magazines best!

we had a skype date with our godsons

Saturday I wanted a new headband so I whipped this one up. I should be listing it next week in the shop.

we were supposed to go canoeing on Saturday but thunderstorms nixed that plan. I was a good wife and took the hubs to go to the air museum.

lately I have been feeling overwhelmed trying to keep everything organized. this is me at 4pm on Wednesday trying to stay sane after answering emails for hours and feeling like i didn't even put a dent in them.

a yummy panini I made for dinner earlier in the week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, we are headed to NOLA baby!!!


Nicole said...

You are always too cute during your coffee chats! I think I want to start doing responses...the other side of the chat! I hope the rest of your time flies by in FL!

Have fun this weekend!

Mrs. Y said...

Wait that means soon we can meet up for boba tea :)

Joanna Haughton said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by ModaMama and for watching my silly vlog. Love the accessories you make. They're just adorable!

Heidi Toevs said...

Happy Friday!!
I really look forward to watching these vlogs on Fridays. I feel like I actually know you with out ever meeting you. I hope you enjoy your little trip to New Orleans, that should be fun and a nice little breather from your Home Sweet Hotel.
Thank you for the little coffee date, I have to say I have been so jealous of everyone's cute Target Mug that I have been seeing all over Instagram and in a few blogs. I caved and picked one up yesterday, so I enjoyed my coffee and you vlog in my new mug!
Have a great weekend!

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

yay! SO happy to see you happy. Your new haircut looks GREAT! I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend in NOLA. Aren't you glad you bought that mug. ;) I didn't realize that you only have 2.5 weeks left in FL. That's awesome!

Ashlee @ Growing Up A Thomas said...

Love your vlog today! Waiting is the hardest part when you are a planner (I would know!) but hang in there! This is just a season and when you look back on this time in your life a few years from now I'm sure you and your husband will smile!

Shaina Longstreet said...

Happy Friday girl!! I am loving your hair cut. Your bangs are super cute. Thanks for sharing how you've been feeling lately...I couldn't imagine living in a hotel, I think I would go nuts, so bravo to you my friend!! You can do it, and when you look back on this time it will be full of great memories I am sure. Have a good weekend!! <3

Beth @ the city said...

You can do it, lady! Hang in there :) I can't believe you've been in 22 states this! Hope you have a fun time in NOLA this weekend!

Courtney from Journey of a Dreamer said...

Stay strong! It can be tough, but you can make it though! Thanks for visiting me for coffee today!

Alissa Circle said...

Aww friend, I hate the waiting period too. Transitions are so hard and I love how you have a positive outlook despite it all. Praying that time will pass quicker. Miss ya. xoxo

Katlyn Larson said...

I love watching coffee date vlogs!I'm your newest follower from the gfc blog hop! I'm excited for what's to come. :)


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