Friday, August 3, 2012

my dr. seuss do, coffee, an allowance and of course, a vlog!

Happy Friday Friends! I swear even thought the days seem long here in Florida the weeks are flying by! I recorded another oh so fun blog. I actually think I like it! hehe.

homemade mango salsa and my new thrifted quilt at the beach
google hangout with my lizzie
my allowance money for the next two weeks
hubs made pancakes last Saturday. I was pretty sure the apocalypse was going to happen
miller64 with limeout of a mason jar on the beach is also known as bliss
google hangout with alli, alyson, chelsea, and lisa. SO.MUCH.FUN!
this is the hair style hubs has dubbed the Dr. Seuss do
cinnamon toast and pioneer woman iced coffee
Hello Hue Little Things


Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

Are you not the most adorable person ever, in the whole wide world?!?!?! Girl, I will help support you and get you some cute clothes for Influence :D Just give me until the 15th! Hehe.
I completely understood what you meant by your allowance- Gene and I were the same way- we would just blow our money going out to eat and spending frivolously. We decided the cash method was the best method for all of our budget and I took out $X for groceries each pay period, $X for his hair, $X for my health and beauty, $X for date night, and so forth. It really helped us be a little more responsible about saving money!

Longest comment in the world, sorry, but I love your hair and do mine the same way! I love how you said "I just whipped up this felt bow", like no big deal. That should be in your shop too ;)

Jennifer Marcum said...

I will totally be hitting you up on your promotion! I'm always a big supporter of wardrobe purchases and cute accessories (including iPad accessories).
My husband and I did the same thing with our finances. I think it's becoming a new trend for couples in today's economy. You can never be too careful.
Keep up the vlogging. Love it!

Stacey @flickerwhips said...

Happy Friday Rellie Bell!

Good to see you again! I so feel ya with the allowance thing! The hubby and i have started pulling out cash for weekly expenses, because we are maintaining two households right now and are finding it way difficult to keep track of our spending if we don't! (He's working/living in MD, coming home every other weekend) Soon we will be setting up a car fund. This time we are going to be smart and have NO PAYMENTS!! Hopefully by Feb. we will have a new car so make sure you rag me about putting the money away, i'll need an accountability partner!! LOL! Glad your doing well!! Seems like your spirits are high and you're hanging in!! take care and ~Keep Looking UP, Rella ttyl

Allie said...

that cinnamon toast looks amazingggg and why do mason jars seem to make any beverage taste just a little bit better!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

I love your Dr. Suess do :) and iced coffee is pretty much a daily staple for me this summer. 100 degrees?! Seriously?! I'm ready for fall!

~Cassie~ said...

The allowance money is a great idea, my hubby and I do the same thing and we alternate who can make bigger purchases. As for having to "go dutch" and it being like dating again is great for a couple. I'm actually thinking about suggesting this to my hubby.


BeaumontGirl said...

yea!! so glad I found you through the Rags to Stitches coffee date list!!!! :) I am following you!

beth @ the city said...

You're so cute! I love the allowance money idea. I think it's perfect and it totally stinks when people misinterpret a photo or something you say on Twitter/IG. Ugh!
I downloaded vox yesterday and I am dying to use it ;)

Katie said...

Hi there! I'm stopping by from the link up. You are way too adorable for life. I think I need to start giving myself an allowance too...there are too many cute dresses in the world for my bank account to handle. also, mango salsa? what an awesome idea!!

habecker said...

how much is your allowance?! wowzers

Austenland Accessories said...

making me hungry with all those yummy food ! I came to catch up and check your recipe from ig post. put now pancakes and mango salsa ! girl stop it !!!! lol
I hate being on a budget I have been doing it for a few months since I am helping my younger sibling with college books and expense and it really sucks having to limit myself from buying and splurging but I know its for good and well it shows me to appreciate what I purchase more than I did . for example one etsy purchase a more than $25. that one hurts because when the new month comes I have to hat draw what I plan to get. soooo ill cheat and take advantage of your promotion because I really really want one of your necklaces for sometime now.
I was just reading your military post God bless you girl for being so supportive to your husband I bet its what motivates him even more you being their . When will you see your Chloe ?miss seeing that girl on ig .

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