Monday, August 27, 2012

one of our last weekends in Florida {preparing for a Hurricane!}

How is every one's Monday going? We spent part of the weekend and this morning prepping for Hurricane Isaac. Luckily we do not have to evacuate but we did need to be prepared for a few days of crazy rain, winds and possible flooding.
We thought we were going to make it out of Florida sans hurricane since we only have 9 days left here!
This past weekend was pretty mellow and very relaxing. We headed into Pensacola for happy hour. {I'm pretty sure Friday happy hour is a requirement.}

After a few mojitos at happy hour we walked over to The Wine Bar for wine an cheese, yes please! My favorite things are wine and cheese, like take to a deserted island items. 

Saturday morning the hubs made breakfast. He is becoming a pancake aficionado. Add some strawberries and whipped cream and it becomes a fancy brunch.

We spent Saturday afternoon thrifting and antiquing. I had some major scores, 2 pyrex dishes, 2 milk glass vases and 4 cups for $8.72! 

We needed a quick pick me up to keep antiquing so we hit up sonic for happy hour. A Chicago dog and diet limeade for $3.50 yes please!
 Sunday was gorgeous out! With the hurricane headed our way and rain forecasted through next week we figured we needed to enjoy the gulf water one last time.


Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Your weekend looks perfect to me! Right down to the details of wine & cheese. Yum. Love your thrift store finds, those are amazing prices too! So glad you enjoyed your weekend. Hoping you guys stay safe. xoxo

blm said...

glad you escaped the hurricane! have fun your last few days in FL and best of luck on the VA move. i went to college about an hour away from norfolk, you'll have to go visit my alma mater/colonial williamsburg once you guys get settled. :)

p.s. i nominated you for a Liebster Blog--check it out here:


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like a pretty great weekend! You guys are always up to something fun :)

Thanks for linking up with us!

Dalayna Dillon said...

ahhhh the beach! I am dreaming of a white... beach! lol Looks lovely!


Haley said...

I used to hate to visit Florida when hurricanes were coming. The ocean was always infested with itchy seaweed and I HATED it. Glad you had a nice weekend and awesome thrift finds! I wish I was better at thrifting haha.


Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

What a fun weekend! I especially love the pancake breakfast and Sonic happy hour. Yum! :)

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