Thursday, August 30, 2012

these are my confessions

As I wrote that title I thought of the Usher song, remember that song?
So it has been a bit quiet around these parts.  I have spent a ton of time sitting in front of my computer these last few weeks, doing all kinds of things, working on my Navy Wives Unite website that is going live tomorrow! Looking for possible places to live and work at in Norfolk. Lots of training and emails for my Chapter Director volunteer position with Blue Star Families. See, lots of computer stuff, just not blogging.

I must also confess that I am not reading my blogs regularly like I used to. Why? Well to be completely honest I sometimes get a bit of anxiety lately reading other blogs. I feel like mine doesn't look good enough, or I am not doing enough. And sometimes because they spark other ideas in my head and to be honest I have too much crap on my plate right now to think about doing anything else.
As I said earlier I am looking for a job in Norfolk. I have a pretty crazy criteria list. I really really really want it to be part time. But I also really really really want a paycheck and a job that makes me feel good. It is a tall order, but I think I can find the perfect job if I search hard enough. I have been looking into different events I can go to once in Norfolk to start networking and get my name out into the community.

Tomorrow my Navy Wives site goes live. I am nervous and excited. I know it will take time to grow the site and get the name out there, but it just seems a bit overwhelming sometimes. Plus now I will be managing two websites. The reality is I need to be more structured and spend less time doing random stuff.

I also must confess that I set up a sponsor page and signed up for Passionfruit Ads because everyone has been raving about it non stop. My confession is that I do not like it. The two ads that I have sponsoring my blog aren't there every time I look at my site. I have emailed them and they can see but I can't so I have no idea what to do. {Can you see the big Austenland and Navy Wives Unite buttons on the right under "My Sponsors"?}

What are your confessions?


Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

I see your ads right over there! I wish you nothing but success up in Norfolk! Find that dream hob, gal :D

Beth @ the city said...

Praying you find just the job God has planned for you when you get up to VA!
and yes, those ads are there. PF has been great about fixing thing for me :)

Anonymous said...

Hey love- Yes, I can see those two websites on my end! Just remember, it's your blog, it's not your life and your life is not the same as everyone else's - keep it you, keep it yours! Have a wonderful Thursday!!

Kathleen said...

I have been emailing a fellow blogger for the past two days about unfollowing blogs/taking a little internet break. I totally understand what you're saying - I need to remember I am who I am by God's grace. That should be enough, but others' creativity, success, homes, etc. sometimes become very enticing. And then jealousy appears. I don't look very good wearing jealousy.

The New Normal said...

I can see your ads!
I've let blogging take a back seat lately too. Keeping up with reading and writing sometimes seems like such a daunting task and I just don't want to do it. It's always nice to take a break :) Good luck with your job search! I hope you find your dream job!!

Ashlee @ Growing Up A Thomas said...

I see your ads but the same thing happens on my page too. Sometimes they are there and sometimes not. PS. Totally sang that song as soon as I read your title... Haha!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Ditto is such an easy hole to fall into. I've been finding myself comparing my blog to others WAY too much lately. I really need to stop and reassess what is important to me and my family. FWIW I think your blog looks great and I always enjoy reading your posts. :)

I can see the ads - they look great!

Ladies Holiday said...

Your blog is awesome! Glad to read it...and yeah, we shouldn't compare ourselves. There are millions of people who read blogs and some of them will connect with yours and others, well, there is something for everyone!

If you'd like, please join us for Photo Friday Blog Link-Up tomorrow. Simply add a favorite photo from your blog (it's okay if it is part of a post) and share the linky-love.


Taylor {} said...

Good luck finding the perfect job. Now that I work from home, I'm totally with you about not wanting anything other than part-time outside the home.

Kourtney DeBoer said...

I'm a newbie to your blog (linked from the AWESOME Navy Wives website you created), and I have to say that your blog is fabulous! I know it can be tough to look at other blogs and not think, "Crap, how do I do that..." or "Should I also have that?" I go through a blog revamp every few months because there are so many great designs and ideas out there. I think the best part about blogging is that it represents who you are, and who you are changes all the time. If you feel like shakin' things up, go for it! But if the pressure is coming from outside, feel free to brush it off. If that means stepping back for awhile to focus on other priorities, that's OK too.

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