Friday, October 19, 2012

31 days: ok with being me

Happy Friday friends! I was hoping to record a coffee date but time got away from me. 

It is Friday morning, I've been up since 5am, attended a Chamber of Commerce event and now I'm at my favorite local coffee shop getting some work done. 

I am still trying to process and reflect about everything I learned at Influence last weekend. 

One of thing I realized while being there is I want to be more me. Does that sound silly? 

Often times I feel I try to be the person society wants me to be; the woman my husband and friends want me to be. I don't always feel like I am being the woman God wants me to be. 

Being around so many amazing Godly women really showed me how much I need to focus on being who God wants me to be and not the rest of the world. 

I realized I am not always the greatest friend, wife or daughter. 

If we were to have coffee today I would tell you I want to be more intentional in my relationships. 

I want to be ok with being me. 

I want to focus on editing out things and people in my life that do not make me happy or a better person. 

Of course there will be things I cannot completely eliminate but I at least want to have a better perspective and outlook on life. 

I connected with so many amazing women this past weekend. Many of them below but many of them I did not get a picture with. I was encouraged and inspired by them all. 

I had many moments of ugly crying while at the conference and you know what, I was totally ok with that. I was not embarrassed by it nor do I wish I would have looked more together. 

I was a raging hot mess the entire time I was in Indy.  But that is ok. I let my guard down and didn't keep the front up of always having it all together. I hadn't planned what sessions to attend. I didn't buy new clothes for each day of the conference. I was broken, lost, distracted, and unorganized. I was me and it felt good. 

There were some times I saw parts of me I did not like. God was showing me the changes I need to make in my heart. He was showing me how my life is in His control and not mine. He gave me many not so gentle reminders He is the one who determines everything. I can kick and scream all I want but it won't do me any good. 

I hope I will be able to show you all and the world through my actions and not just my words how attending Influence changed my way of thinking, rocked my world and reminded me God needs to be the center of it all. 

me and alli

virginia and i 
ashlee and i

alissa and i 

me and lisa

jenna and i 

{this picture of me shows how brutal a day of traveling on 1 hour of sleep can make you look like a hotness}



Anonymous said...

Oh I love this honesty girl! You are so amazingly beautiful just the way you are and no one would want you to be anything different! I still can't believe we got to meet in "real" life ;) Loved every moment of it! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie pie! XOXO

Tutus & Tea Parties said...

Ahh, how exciting you got to see all those amazing ladies in person! I wish I could have gone too! :) I am so inspired by your post today. He is the center of it all. I'm so excited to be included on your journey. :) xoxo Have a great weekend.

Join me for coffee, won't you?

Ashlee @ Growing Up A Thomas said...

If that was the "real" you I don't ever want to see the fake one! LOVED our time together and I seriously cannot wait to come visit. I WILL get to Virginia again soon! Or you can just come here instead! ;-)

Amber TheUDW said...

I agree....more of me! That's a lesson I learned last year. It was hard, but sooo good. Don't think I got the chance to meet you last weekend. Maybe next year!

Virginia Davidson said...

I'm so glad we got to connect a few times! I love you friend :)

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