Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 days: slow down and enjoy life {goodbye anxiety}

31 days to a better me. 

ok, so maybe I won't blog for 31 days straight, but I think spending the 31 days in October focusing on being a better me is just what I need, and blogging about it will not only help me achieve the goal, but also to help sort my thoughts, share my progress and gain support from others. 

Today after I got up and poured myself a cup of coffee I realized it was going to take us much longer to unpack this house than I thought. I really thought it would come together rather quickly. 

I started to get a little panic-y.

I started to feel my anxiety go through the roof. 

You see anxiety tends to get the best of me in many situations. 

I let it take control.

On my quest to being a better me I need to learn to tell my anxiety to take a hike. 

I need to stop trying to hurry up through everything. I tend to rush to get things done only to rush through the next task. 

{photo taken by me}

Today instead of letting my anxiety get me frazzled I took my coffee sat on my lovely couch I've been without for 3 months and watched a bit of TV. 

It was glorious.

And you know what? I still got a ton of things unpacked today, without rushing and feeling anxious. 

I'd say day 1 was a big success.  


ines said...

i hate when my anxiety takes the best of me. i still have to figure out how to tackle it. there are some days i can get away from it completely, while others, it gets the best of me.

good for you for kicking anxiety out! can't wait to read more of your 31 days!

Tutus & Tea Parties said...

I can totally relate to the anxiety issues. I get panic attacks all the time...for what seems like no reason. It's always nice to take a break and relax! :) Take some time and enjoy your new surroundings. xoxo

Angela Magnotti Andrews said...

Fantastic!!! I just wrote my own post about anxiety! I am all for kicking it in the tuckus with a nice cup of coffee, a deep and easy breath, and a little perspective. Everything that needs to get done always gets done. I'm glad you found this to be true, as well. Isn't peace such a gift!?!

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