Tuesday, October 30, 2012

closing up my etsy shop {plus what i wore: golden layers}

It's been over two weeks I am still being reminded of words I heard at Influence Conference.

The first session I went to was by John Saddington, he was talking about entrepreneurship. While he said a lot of things, what resonated most with me was when he quoted his wife, 

"Say no before you say yes."   

I can say yes to a new project if I take a current one off my plate. 


We like to think we are super heros and can do it all, but guess what, we aren't. 

I realized I recently said no to something. 


 chambray top: forever21 // sweater: GAP // dress {worn as skirt}: Mark // ring & grey lace tights: forever21 // mustard tights: target // boots: nine west // necklace: Caroline.g // belt: came with a top

{picture taken by Ashlee}

I closed it in early September after we moved to Virginia. I needed a few weeks to get settled in and I planned to open it back up.

The shop is still closed and I have not intention of opening it back up any time soon. 

I spent most of the summer contemplating keeping the shop going. It never made me a boat ton of cash, but it also never took a large amount of money away. It was a something I had enjoyed doing for a long time. Even when I wasn't bringing in a lot of money I was learning, I was growing and I was networking. 

Sometime during the summer my feelings towards the shop changed. I wasn't like it, I was spending 30 plus hours a week on it and not really even breaking even. I know growing a business takes time. I kept telling myself I needed to give it more time and keep trucking on. 

I finally realized God was really telling me it was time to close the shop.

I didn't listen at first. 

I didn't want to close up shop. 

I felt like it would be admitting I failed.

When I closed it after our move to VA I never intended for it to be permanent. I had just done a logo redesign and ordered 500 new business cards that still had my shop URL on it. 

Once it was closed I felt free. I felt this crazy weight being lifted of my shoulders. 

I realized I was still me without my shop, maybe even more me without it. If that even makes any sense. 

I needed my shop to learn. I needed to learn about business, having faith in myself, networking, and so much more. The shop has lead to so many great things. It was not meant to be a permanent thing. Once I realized that so many more things made sense. 

I am still coming to terms with closing the shop, but like I wrote a few weeks ago it feels good to say the shop is closed. I am not embarrassed, I do not think I failed. I have just decided to move in a different direction. Actually maybe I did fail. But I am not embarrassed to say that either. Sometimes you have to fail to know what success is.  

God is showing me that when he tells me to do something I need to listen. He has big plans that cannot happen if I don't listen.

p.s. have you seen Lisa Leonard's Gold Collection?? I'm kind of obsessed!


Anonymous said...

So, so happy for you girl! Obviously you made the right decision because you feel better about it and feel a weight off your shoulders! I'm so proud of you and can't wait to watch God's plans for you unveil :)

Beth @ dot...in the city said...

This doesn't exactly apply, but I'm reminded of a quote from You've Got Mail "closing shop is the brave thing to do." I think it's totally the right thing and I'm proud of you for listening to God's leading. I know He has big things in store for you, Jen! and I'm only slightly sad I won't get a pair of your lovely black and white chevron earrings ;-)

Nicole said...

I would never think to wear all those pieces together...but you pull it off flawlessly! You are so gorgeous!

Bernadette Veenstra said...

"I don't think I've failed. I just feel like I've moved in a different direction." That is so true of many ventures. It is how we shape who we end up being. Trying new things. Good for you. So glad this weight has lifted. Excited about your new venture!

Karri said...

Love the skirt (erm, dress)! Its fun!

Yes -- I, too, am loving Lisa's new gold collection and have a piece on my xmas list.

As for your quote, that's something I have learned over the past year and have adopted into my life. Slowly. Its hard, though, isn't it? We tend to want to be everything to everyone.

Sassy Lemonade said...

Cute Outfit!

God has a plan for Everyone, Goodluck on your Journey.


Chioma said...

i love this look, so colorful and cute! i love how you listened to God and followed His lead. I battle with that as well, I hate the feeling of failure, but we cannot win them all and I don't want to win at anything God doesn't have in line for me.

C's Evolution of Style

Better Than Sweet said...

Your a winner on so many levels! We are more than conquerers (sorry spelling) I know it's so easy to get wrappped up in the work of our hands but glory to God that we are His poima, perfected. Awesome, I miss ya and we gotta catch up soon!

Better Than Sweet said...

Your a winner on so many levels! We are more than conquerers (sorry spelling) I know it's so easy to get wrappped up in the work of our hands but glory to God that we are His poima, perfected. Awesome, I miss ya and we gotta catch up soon!

Jessica Cribbs said...

So awesome Jen! Listening to God is key.

Ruby Girl said...

way to be in tune with God's will for your life, Jen! you have a sweet heart, I know your obedience honors the Lord! ps--- CUTE outfit! Your layering is fab! xoxo linds

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