Tuesday, November 27, 2012

another way to help my purpose project: buy a livefashionABLE scarf {the knitting project}

You guys, I cannot believe it. On Saturday night, a whole 6 days before the end of the month I reached my goal for my purpose project.

I seriously cannot even find the words to describe to you how happy my heart is. I was so scared to do this purpose project because I was afraid I was going to fail and not meet the goal.  I quickly realized even if I didn’t reach my goal I would not have failed. Any money I raised was going to help a woman have a chance at living her life without prostitution. A chance to feel like she has purpose here on earth and is proud of what she does. 

I can't even begin to describe to you how this project moved my heart. There are still a few more days left in the month of November, so there are still a few more days for you to donate if your heart is leading you to support this cause. 
Since my goal has been reached I want to introduce another way for your to help support Mocha Club and the women they are able to help rehabilitate. Purchase a scarf from livefashionABLE

Your purchase of a fashionABLE scarf creates sustainable business for women in Africa.  Our commitment as a non-profit is to the development of people — fashionABLE works with women who have been exploited due to the effects of poverty.  So, when you purchase a scarf you are providing jobs, and then we send the net profits back to holistically rehabilitate more women. This is the beauty of non-profit…. -livefashionABLE website

These scarves would make a wonderful Christmast gift this holiday season. You would be giving someone a beautiful handmade scarf and you'd also be supporting a woman in Ethiopia as well as help rehabilitate more women. I can't think of a better gift to give. 

scarf: livefashionABLE // necklace: H&M {similar} // blazer: miley cyrus for walmart {from my sis} // t-shirt: Navy Exchange // skinnies: Forever21 {from my sis} // shoes: converse, chuck taylors // hair ties: peas and carrots  // turquoise bracelet: {via my LoveClub box} HorseFeathers  // knit bow ring: {via my LoveClub box} handmade escapade

You can purchase a scarf by clicking on the photo below. There are so many beautiful scarves made by so many beautiful, strong, corageous and resilient women.

Meet Etanesh, her story shows how wonderful Mocha Club and livefashionABLE is.

“I moved to the city to live with my uncle and go to a better school, but he died and left me by myself. I got into prostitution because I was all alone and had no money. Everything was dark. I was abused and wanted to die, and prayed for God to take me out of this life. // I’ve never looked back at leaving because I am so happy now. I have found motivation to have my own business one day, and I want my son to grow and be in a good place. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me get this point” -livefashionABLE website 

Now that my goal has been reached I need to sign up for my knitting class! If you knit was is your favorite item to make? 

Also, if you do happen to buy a scarf{scarves} forward me your reciept and I will send you some goodies in the mail as well {rellasbellasATgmailDOTcom}.  


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