Sunday, November 25, 2012

thankful and blessed

wow, last week just kind of flew by with out getting a blogpost up. sometimes life happens and the blog comes second, or third, or fourth or last, hehe. 

so much to be thankful for this year:

i am thankful for my husband who puts up with my craziness

i am thankful for friends who send "mixtape" CDs and when it arrives on the day I am feeling super homesick

i am thankful to have my sister, brother-in-law and nephew close by to spend holidays and other fun days with

i am thankful for friends who text me when their son goes poop in the potty, but love it more when then send me texts saying that he pooped in his pants in the car at swim practice. i am thankful for this because it makes me happy to know even though we are 3000 miles away we can still share lifes little moments together

i am thankful for my parents who watched Khloe for us during the summer while they had a full house

i am thankful for a family who is always willing to help in any way they can

i am thankful for online friends who turn into real life friends

i am thankful for this gal who prayed for me all summer during my crazy cross country move and life changing events

i am thankful we have a beautiful house and food on the table every day

i am thankful for a God who loves me because of my flaws 

i am thankful that every day is a chance to start fresh

i am thankful for new friends in Virginia 

i am thankful for friends who have been around since middle school and will be around when it comes time to pick out old people homes

i am thankful for military friends turned family, they make military life so much easier to deal with

i am thankful for reaching my purpose project goal to raise $400!! {more on this later this week}



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