Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Knitting Project {meet bezuayhu}

It’s the middle of the afternoon and I’m balling in the corner of my local starbucks. I am reminded just how much I take for granted and how blessed my life truly is. I spent the last 30 minutes trying to find the best video that would capture how much this purpose project means to mean. When this video started and tears began to roll down my face I knew this was the one:

Last week I shared with all my lovely readers, friends and family about the knitting project.

My goal to raise $400 and learn how to knit.

I left Influence conference last month and the ministry of Mocha Club kept weighing on my heart. I feel like we as women spend so much time worrying about things like having the newest shoes, perfect haircut, a home that looks like it could be in the latest issue of Martha Steward Living. We often times forget how great we have it. I find myself catching myself a lot lately complaining about things that are just so silly. Getting upset because I am stuck in traffic; annoyed the plumber was 3 hours late. God is reminding me of how lucky I am. How blessed I am to not have to worry about the things these brave women in Ethiopia encounter every day.

scarf: livefashionABLE // sweater & maxi skirt: target // stripped tee: forever21 // shoes: converse "chucks" // clutch: sew caroline

My goal for the month of November is to raise $400. $400 rehabilitates one woman from the sex industry in Ethiopia. By  raising $400 WE can give a woman the opportunity to live a better life and no longer allow prostitution to her means to survival. 

How $400 will change one woman's life: 

Basics of what women receives through Women at Risk:
•Rehabilitation from desperate circumstances
•Counseling to redeem deep emotional and physical trauma
•Hope through skills training and job opportunity
•Restoration, dignity, and a new life!

Details of what they receive:
• Individual and group counseling 
• A 12 Steps addiction recovery program 
• Pre-& post-HIV counseling and testing 
• Daily devotion and bible studies 
• Skills training and job placement services 
• Day care services 
• Tuition and schooling material for children’s education and many more programs that address the unique needs of the rehabilitating woman and her children 

Bezuayhu made the scarf I am wearing above. Once a woman is rehabilited from the sex slave industry the second part of Mocha Club is livefashionABLE. These woman who are given a second chance can make a living making scarves instead of prostitution.

This is Bezuayhu's story:

“I am now 19 years old. My parents had passed away and I used to live with my aunts and grandparents. They always wanted me to work and not to go to school. So, I came to the city, and there I came to this life of prostitution. // Now, it feels so good to get up in the morning and say I am going to work. It feels so good to have a scarf named after me. I’m so proud to be called a scarf maker.”

I am praying as you watched today's video or read my post from last week  you will want to help. Whether it be to share this post with your family and friends on Facebook and twitter, or to donate; every bit counts.

if 10 people donate $40 we will have helped changed one woman's life.

if 40 people donate $10 we will have helped changed one woman's life.

if 80 people donate $5 {one drink at starbucks} we will have helped changed one woman's life.

a few tweets or posts for fb to help spread the word:

Can you help @rellasbellas change the life of one woman? read more about her #purposeproject http://ow.ly/f4U1s

Let's help @mochaclub make a difference and help @rellasbellas learn to knit #purposeproject http://ow.ly/f4U1s

Goal: $400 raised, 1 woman freed and a chance for @rellasbellas to learn to knit #purposeproject http://ow.ly/f4U1s

bring coffee from home and donate ur $5 latte fund to help change the life of 1 woman #purposeproject http://ow.ly/f4U1s

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Blair @ Wild and Precious said...

love!!! great post. thank you for sharing bezuayhu's story!

Denise said...

Bless you for sharing.

anna lizbeth said...

Lovely post!

Angela Magnotti Andrews said...

I already shared it before I watched the video. What a beautiful video. I will spread the word. It is my honor to partner with you and Mocha Club to see more women making scarves for a living!!

Lesley said...

You could sell items you knit to raise even more money! (I'm a knitter too. Best hobby EVER!)

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