Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the knitting project update {donate and get a thank you gift} & an equestrian inspired look

God has been so good. It's Tuesday evening and today there have been $150 in donations, in one day.


A dear sweet friend of mine donate $100 from her company. I was so happy and overwhelmed with love I cried for a good 10 minutes. I cried because I could feel God working in my heart and showing me how good it feels to give to others.

I want to give a bit more. The next 5 people who donate $15 or $25 will get a fun thank you from me. Donate $15 and pick one pair of these earrings, either the chevron or mustard. Donate $25 or more and you will get both pairs!

All you have to do is forward me the email {or take a screen shot of it}showing me how much you donated and include your address.{email me at rellasbellasATgmailDOTcom}

I am so beyond thrilled that we are just about halfway through the month and we have already reached and surpassed the halfway mark to our goal of raising $400 to bring one woman in Ethiopia out of prostitution. 

WE are at $221! Only $179 left to reach our goal! 

$400 will completely rehabilitate and transform one woman's life. It will give her the skills necessary to find a job that she can be proud of.  The “Women At Risk” program provides spiritual, emotional, and psychological counseling and helps them find alternate means of income to support themselves and their children.-Mocha Club Website

I spent most of today cleaning out and unpacking the last room in our house. I was so overwhelmed with all the random items we had left to unpack. I was so embarrassed to look around at all the stuff we have and yet there are days I find myself wanting more.

Doing this purpose project with Mocha Club is giving me a lot of perspective. I find myself looking at things differently. I can feel God working in my heart. I can feel him showing me what is truly important and reminding me to be thankful for all that I have.

jacket: the limited // sweater: the limited // button up: forever 21 // skinny jeans: paige denim, thrifted // boots: nine west // belt: tjmaxx {came with a top} // flower clip: whippycake // necklace: carolineg

There are so many simple things I take for granted. Going grocery shopping whenever we need food. Turning on the heat when it gets "too cold". Since we just moved to Norfolk and are finally getting settled in I am starting to look for full time work. The other day I was looking online and got a bit frustrated because I didn't really know where to start. Then I felt ridiculously foolish.  I was getting upset because I had so many jobs to search through. I can only imagine how a woman in Ethiopia would jump at the chance to have options.  More importantly to not have her only option be a life of prostitution to provide for her family and survive.

You can read more about my purpose project here and here

pleated poppy


Wendy Mac said...

LOVE this layer combination, looks fabulous!!


Cassi Brightforest said...

I agree with Wendy, the layers in this outfit are great.

Sara Shoemaker said...

saw you on Pleated Poppy! Looooove that cardigan with the flowers. Reminds me of Emersonmade! great style :)

The House of Shoes

Danielle said...

Wow! This is amazing! I read about this on Sassy Lemonade and I love where your heart is! I'm praying for you and hope to help you reach your goal! I have also tried to teach myself how to knit, but I have found loom knitting to be easier for me to grasp and have built a prayer & knitting ministry {Knit Together By Love} from the quiet time I have with the Lord praying and knitting. It's very special to have that time and I pray you get it too! xoxo

Karri said...

What a great cause, Jen!! I donate to Kiva loans quite often, but this is different...rehabbing women. Very cool.

Sheena Rae said...

That jacket is making me drool...seriously! Don't ever get rid of it, it's amazing!

Dropping in from WIWW!

Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

Lindsay said...

I absolutely love every single component of this outfit. And the flower brooch super cute!

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