Saturday, December 29, 2012

a little CHRISTmas recap

Wow, I can't believe Christmas was almost a week ago. We had some of Scott's family in town the  few days before Christmas and a big Christmas Eve dinner with family & friends.

I have some pictures on the DSLR I hope to share soon but I thought some instagram pics would be fun to share.

Christmas time gets a bit funny for me. Sometimes I get sad being away from family and friends but each year I find the CHRISTmas spirit and then I spend the days leading up to CHRISTmas being holly and jolly.

These pictures are not in order, oh well...

My CHRISTmas morning pajamas all ready for a mid morning stroll around the neighborhood.

Dinner on CHRISTmas Eve

Prepping the Prime Rib on CHRISTmas day.

Our Charlie Brown tree

My brother used to bring me coffee to lure me out to open presents at 6am. Now Scott brings me coffee CHRISTmas morning.

Yummy brunch spread on CHRISTmas Eve

Skyping with my parents and brother CHRISTmas morning. Technology is great! We got to open the presents my parents sent while they watched. 

As 2012 ends I can't help but get excited for the fresh start of a new year. Lots of exciting things happening, I can't wait to share. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

#26acts: coffee date friday vlog

Hi Friends, Happy Friday! I haven't recorded a vlog in a few weeks so I thought it would be a perfect day to do so and share what has been on my heart the last few days; the #26 acts movement spurred by Ann Curry to honor those lost last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

The video is a bit wonky again, but the sound is fine :)

An article about #26acts {also if you scroll to the pics at the end and hit next page a few times you will eventually see a pic of me and the sailor I bought lunch for. A friend tweeted me yesterday to let me know she saw my pic in the article, so cool!}

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

holiday party attire: date night

These photos didn't turn out the way I had hoped, but you know what, life isn't perfect and thus the post will go on. 

I am working on letting go of everything needing to be perfect. Sometimes things just need to be good enough. 

Lately I have been more obsessed than usual with sequins and sparkles. I wear them every chance I get, the middle of the day, to the grocery store, anywhere! 

Life is better with a bit of sparkle.

denim jacket: GAP {10 years old} // sparkle tank: Simply Vera for Kohls // striped button up: Forever21 // necklace: Forever 21 // skirt: The Limited via thrift store // tights: Kohls // boots: Nine West // bow ring: Forever21

This outfit was inspired by a look I found of Pinterest.

The blogger who created this look has amazing style.

I think I did a pretty good job recreating the look with items in my closet. I have another sparkle tank I am going to try next time.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Party Attire: Ugly Sweater Edition {his & hers}

I thought I would end the week with a bit of fun, Scott and I modeling our ugly sweaters. 

Almost my entire outfit is thrifted, the ugly sweater $7, turtleneck $3 and skirt $2. After my flat iron died on me I had to put my hair in a low sock bun and go for the librarian look.

Sweater: thrifted // necklace: soleil selene // turtleneck: traget via thrift store // skirt: The Limited via thrift store // tights: khol's // boots: nine west // bag: coach {this is vintage coach to me, the first coach bag I bought back in 2003} // earrings: made by me

When my friend Virginia posted this sweater vest on her instagram I knew I had to get it for Scott to wear at the ugly sweater party we had to attend. Plus she thrifted it in Michigan, the hubs home state, perfection! 

I was pretty sure I was going to have to bribe Scott to wear this and attend the party. Lucky for me he was a total sport and had a great time and was totally down to sport this old man ugly sweater vest.

sweater vest: thrifted via Virginia from Geeky & Sassy // tie: thrifted // button up: Express // jeans: American Eagle Outfitters // shoes: Navy Exchange

Key to wearing your ugly sweaters: rock them with confidence! 

Have a great weekend, and if you have an ugly sweater you wore to a party send it my way and we can make a post of all of them :) rellasbellasATgmailDOTcom

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Purpose Project: Goal Reached! {we rehabilitated 1 woman!}

I am so beyond thrilled to share my purpose project with Mocha Club was a success! My goal was to raise $400 to help rehabilitate one woman from the sex industry and we raised $420! Every day I would check my site to see if any more money had come it, some days there would be nothing and I would sit and pray. More like just sit and chat with God about what else I could do to raise this money. When money would come it I would be so giddy with excitement. It was like Christmas morning every time I saw the donation total get closer to $400. 

I don't know that I will ever be able to find the words to say how awesome it was to see God fully in control and how when you put your faith and trust completely in him he will provide. Such a powerful life lesson. It is so silly to reflect and see how I was able to give this all to him but I think I can manage huge life decisions on my own!

Doing this purpose project couldn't have come at a better time. It has totally changed my perspective on life. It sounds so funny to say, but raising $400 to change a woman's life changed my life. 

scarf: fashionABLE // flannel: target via thrift store // tank: banana republic // skinnies: forever21 via my sister // shoes: toms via nordstrom

From simple things like being at Target and filling my cart up with stuff, looking at most of it and saying "you know what, I do not need to spend my money on another sweater or the new line of kitchen gadgets."

It's as if I have a new pair of glasses on, glasses that allow me to see life from a different perspective. I want to get on a plane and fly to Ethiopia to meet these woman. To see how $400 really can give a woman another chance at life. I want to thank these amazingly strong and resilient women for having the courage to walk away from the sex traffic industry. I want to pray with them and talk with them about what amazing work they are doing.

Now comes the fun part for me; to learn to knit. I had hoped I would be able to take a class right away and then spend the holidays knitting my life away, hehe. Unfortunately all the places that offered knitting classes here the past few months don't have any for December. I am working on finding a class that is in January so I can fulfill my part of this amazing project. Once I have taken the class I will be sure to share what I've made. 

I am beyond excited to learn to knit. My reason for choosing to learn to knit if we reached the goal was to learn something I have always thought was too difficult to do and most importantly to give me time to talk to God. In a world where I always seem to find time to do everything but talk to God daily; I want to use the quiet time to reflect and talk to God — something that is not always a priority in my life.

I cannot say it enough, thank you to all of my amazing friends, family, and bloggy friends who donated money, prayed for or shared my project on their blog. I could not have done any of this on my own. I am so grateful to have so many amazing people in my life who were willing to help support my purpose project.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Celebrating the Holidays as a Military Family

Head on over to Navy Wives Unite to read about some of the traditions Scott and I have during the Holidays.

Friday, December 7, 2012

life lately: adjusting to a new life can be hard

Life has been rough lately. 

Honest and real, i've been feeling all kinds of shades of blue. 

Moving 3000 miles away from the life you spent the last few years building is hard. 

I love our neighborhood and I love VA, but there is something that really gets me some days. 

Scott basically has a brand new job here in VA.  Despite spending the last 10 years in the Navy now that he is an officer he might as well be brand spankin new to the Navy. Things are different, he is adjusting, so that  means we are adjusting, which means growning pains.

 sweater: francesca's // cowl: petunia blooms // necklace: c/o world market // chambray top: forever 21 // skinnies: paige denim via a thrift store // shoes: converse // bag: kate spade // bracelet: horse feather gifts

It is the holidays and I am not feeling very festive. Christmas is my favorite time of year but this year I just feel a bit blah. I usually love busting out our decorations, but this year I had to force myself to do it. 

I've been on the lookout for a job here in VA. I haven't been searching too crazily but I've made sure to spend some time on it. I haven't found much that peaks my interest. I know, I know, if a job was supposed to be fun you wouldn't get paid, blah blah blah, I get it. 

I am in a bit of a pickle, part of me just wants to get a part time job at some place like Starbucks, go in a few hours a day, a few days a week, brew coffee and pour espresso shots and then go home and live my life. The idea of an office job where I have to deal with office politics and have the burden of bringing work drama home with me makes me want to poke my eyes out. Some of you may be thinking "well just live work at work". I do not do that very well. Plus I don't really know anyone who does that well, or if they do it is because they work 12 plus hours a day and thus don't spend enough time at home. Thinking about all of this on a daily basis gives me heartburn and makes me a bit irritable. 

I'm trying to adjust to all the change in our life and lately it is kicking my butt. I know this is just a season but life seems to be changing seasons so quickly lately I don't have time to get used to it before it changes again. 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Holiday Dessert Stand

Hello lovelies {and gents if I have any male readers out there!} today I have the easiest and cheapest DIY for you. A holiday dessert stand.

This project cost me less than $3 and if you count the glue I think maybe $8.  I had the glue on hand and use it for a crap ton of projects so I don't count it. 

I found these plates and candlestick holders at a thrift store recently. I think all three plates were just under $2 and both candlestick holders were about $1 together. I debated using either the white or clear glass candlestick holders, for this project I went with the white. {I have another DIY coming soon using the clear glass ones!}

 I also opted to use the teacup saucer on top so you would see more of the holiday design on the second plate. The middle plate as a gold trim around the edge and the top and bottom plates have silver, that way I can use them with either silver or gold accessories! 

Super simple instructions:

1. I glued the smallest plate on to a candlestick holder. {you could do some exact measurements to get it perfectly center, but eyeballing it was just fine for me.}

2. Do the same thing with the middle plate {this one was the one with the red and green Christmas flowers}. 

3. I let those sit for about 30 minutes to an hour to let the glue set. {The glue will still not be completely set so be careful}

4. I glued the smaller plate and it's stand on to the center of the Christmas plate and then glued that plate and it's stand to the center of the large plate.

5. I let those sit over night and checked on them to make sure they weren't shifting or anything a few times before I went to bed.

The final result and simple and easy way to display yummy treats this holiday season. Plus at $3 you could make a few and have your self a fun Holiday dessert party!

A Crafty Soiree

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Party Attire: creating a Mad Men inspired look

Hi pretties, I'm back with another Holiday outfit, this one I wore last week to my husbands command Christmas party. It was not the exact outfit I had planned, but in the end it was perfect. 

I always joke I should have lived during the 50's and early 60's, I love the way women dressed back then. 

One of things I love most about this outfit is the fact that it isn't a mini skirt to tube top dress. I have worn shorter dresses in the past {always with tights!} but this year I wanted to wear something a bit more classic but with a pop of fun. The leopard was just the pop of fun I was looking for. 

I loved creating this Mad Men inspired look: 

-the vintage glass beads were perfect! They added a pop around my neck but weren't over powering. Plus they were given to me by my mom and they were my great grandmas. 

-buttoning up a cardigan and adding a thin belt around the waist creates the perfect Mad Men look and also makes my waist seem super skinny, win win in my book! 

-the A-line skirt was a random find a few days before the party and thank gosh I snagged it. I threw it on last minute and it was perfect. 

-I love the details of the tights, they make the look a bit more va-va-voom in my opinion.

necklace: vintage from my mom // cardigan: Francesca's // belt: came with a top from TJMaxx // skirt: Express via thrift store // tights: target // booties: Charlotte Russe

I normally go a bit more cocktail party glam for holiday parties but this is what Scott loved best so I wore it for him. I ended up loving it and feeling super confident in it. 

I loved that I wasn't pulling at a strapless top all night or making sure my dress wasn't bunching up too high when I sat down. 

What are you planning to wear for your Christmas/Holiday party?

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