Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Holiday Dessert Stand

Hello lovelies {and gents if I have any male readers out there!} today I have the easiest and cheapest DIY for you. A holiday dessert stand.

This project cost me less than $3 and if you count the glue I think maybe $8.  I had the glue on hand and use it for a crap ton of projects so I don't count it. 

I found these plates and candlestick holders at a thrift store recently. I think all three plates were just under $2 and both candlestick holders were about $1 together. I debated using either the white or clear glass candlestick holders, for this project I went with the white. {I have another DIY coming soon using the clear glass ones!}

 I also opted to use the teacup saucer on top so you would see more of the holiday design on the second plate. The middle plate as a gold trim around the edge and the top and bottom plates have silver, that way I can use them with either silver or gold accessories! 

Super simple instructions:

1. I glued the smallest plate on to a candlestick holder. {you could do some exact measurements to get it perfectly center, but eyeballing it was just fine for me.}

2. Do the same thing with the middle plate {this one was the one with the red and green Christmas flowers}. 

3. I let those sit for about 30 minutes to an hour to let the glue set. {The glue will still not be completely set so be careful}

4. I glued the smaller plate and it's stand on to the center of the Christmas plate and then glued that plate and it's stand to the center of the large plate.

5. I let those sit over night and checked on them to make sure they weren't shifting or anything a few times before I went to bed.

The final result and simple and easy way to display yummy treats this holiday season. Plus at $3 you could make a few and have your self a fun Holiday dessert party!

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Anonymous said...

super cute!

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

That's great, thanks for sharing!

Sarah Stright said...

I love this, how easy! I'm now following you from the Blog Hop and I hope you'll stop by and do the same :)
xo, Sarah

Beth @ the city said...

so fun! I love the plates you chose :)

{Steph} said...

Lovely! What a great holiday project - perfect for all those Christmas goodies!

~Steph @ Silver Boxes

Lisa @ MMT said...

Cute! I made a single stand last week, well my hubby did, but I love this stand and the three levels!

Sarah said...

How fun for a Christmas party and such an easy craft, double win!

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