Friday, January 11, 2013

what i learned this week

Happy Friday Loves! I cannot believe it is Friday. This week has flown by in the blink of an eye! The blog has been a bit neglected. Lots of stuff going on around here, lots of changes in our home so I am adjusting and prepping for things like deployment and started another job {adding it to my plate with my other gigs}.

While at brunch last Sunday we ended up having to sit at the bar and they had these fun cards. I loved this question: What have you learned this week?

I learned I need to listen to worship music more. I listen to it in the car a lot, but not at home. Yesterday morning I turned on pandora while crafting and holy batman the Holy Spirit hit me hard. Like sobbing in my glue gun and fabric scraps hard.

{lyrics from 10,000 reasons by Matt Redman}

I was reminded yesterday I have so much to be thankful for, regardless of what I think is rough it really all is a blessing. I can't be so focused on what I want, I need to focus on what He has planned for me. Gods plans are so much better than any plan I could create. 

I'd love to hear what you learned this week.

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Emily - Emas Grand Ideas said...

Does it count as learning if you have learned it before? I spent a lot of the week learning to not stress out too much. I feel like I learn that a lot.

Have a great weekend!

ConstitutionGirl said...

I am learning to just really stay focused on the Lord and take everything one little moment at a time. It's hard for me because I don't like changes, and I am a plan ahead kind of girl. But my Savior wants me to just walk with Him and let Him lead the way and it'll all be for my good and His glory. :)

Anonymous said...

that is such a beautiful song- those lyrics are so convicting!

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