Wednesday, June 5, 2013

celebrating our wedding day

This past April we celebrated 4 years of marriage, today is the 3 year anniversary of our wedding.  

As many military couples often do we got married at the courthouse and had a bigger wedding later.  A decision I would never change.  Having two days a year to celebrate and reflect on our marriage is wonderful. 

Life isn't always perfect and Scott and I have no where near a perfect marriage but our love for one another is strong enough to last an eternity. 

Last night in our small group we discussed Ephesians 5:21:

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

This verse was a great reminder to give everything to my marriage just as Christ gave everything for us. The word "submit" or "submissive" is a negative word in mainstream society. I have struggled to understand what this word means when it is used in the bible.  I am really starting to understand what it means to submit myself to my husband and to the Lord.  


Bernadette Veenstra said...

That is a gorgeous picture!

MrsMcDancer said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary :-)

Cherith Ann said...

Has it been 3 years already?? wow!

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