Tuesday, June 4, 2013

our first small group bible study

Last week we went to our first small group bible study. 

I was a bit nervous and scared. 

I have been to bible studies before.  I went to a wonderful women's bible study at our last duty station. 

But a couples study is new for us.  We have never done a bible study together. I have wanted to do a small group bible study for a long time but first we needed to find a church to call home here in Norfolk. A few weeks ago Scott went to a Saturday morning breakfast at a church we had attended a few times.  The breakfast was to talk about how to engage and support the military families in the community. He came home and felt encouraged and excited to keep going back to the church. I was excited that we had found a church to start going to regularly. 

The next day at church some of the other military couples found us and introduced themselves. They had a small group this past winter that was all younger military couples and they were getting ready to start a summer study.  They mentioned the other members wanted to do a study on marriage. 

Oh my word, this is exactly what Scott and I need.  Our marriage has had a few bumps and hiccups the last few months. We are still adjusting to our new life here in Norfolk, my working full time, Scott having a brand new job, and our constant infertility struggle.  Surrounding ourselves with other couples who are rooted in Jesus, yes,  please! Sign us up! 

I have found myself naturally drifting away from people who bring negative influence into my life.  It isn't something I actively decided to do, it just kind of started to happen and I have to admit it has made such a difference. I think getting back into a weekly bible study is the next step to getting back to a place where I am happy every day and  God is the my center focus.

Do you go to a small group bible study? What are you studying, how has it helped your marriage?

sunnies: c/o firmoo // necklace: soleil selene // top: navy exchange similar // skirt: target // flats: target similar // purse: fancesca's 
this picture isn't the best but i'm actually blogging so that is something, right?? 

This outfit came together on accident, as do most of my outfits. It was very warm out, 85 and humid but my toes needed a new coat of nail polish like whoa. So I needed to wear closed toe shoes. I had on this simple t-shirt with jean shorts. I grabbed the skirt and threw it on, as I was getting ready to change my shirt i thought the casualness of the top was perfect with the dressiness of the pleats and leather like accent on the skirt.  I added the light pink necklace to pull out the light pink in the skirt and make it a bit more spring like. I'm obsessed with this bag right now so using it was a no brainer.  Add my favorite black flats and we have a new outfit to add to the wardrobe rotation.

pleated poppy


Kathleen said...

So cool! We are wanting the same thing (a couple's bible study) and are trying to find a group in our church. Are you guys using a certain curriculum or is it something put together by others in your group? We might want to copy you :)

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Yay for finding a church and a good Bible study group! My small group did a marriage book recently and it was really great for my husband and I to be able to pray and talk with other couples who have experienced similar things.

P.S. I love that skirt - I ALMOST bought it when it was on sale at Target and I really wish I had!

Nerdful Things said...

www.HolyBibleSearch.net & www.BibleStudyTools.com have good tools to search/study/read the Bible online in 150 languages/translations.

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