Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome to Norfolk // An Influence Conference link up

{I'm linking up with the Influence ladies. Also you might notice some changes around here. rellas bellas is now sincerely jen! new URL and everything!}

Welcome to Norfolk, Virginia!

Last year when I attended Influence I had only lived in Virginia for a few weeks.  We've now been here for 9 months and I can safely say we love it!  Today is supposed to be 99 degrees with 99% humidity but we still love it here!

We love the little historic neighborhood we live in. We love that we have tons of friends that live just minutes from us.  We love the coffee shops, wine bars and resturants that are within 2 miles of our home.  {side note: my requirements when we found a place were 1. must have a big front porch and 2. must be close to coffee shops and wine bars.  I am happy to say we met both goals! hehe}

this view is literally a block from my house. to say that i love it would be an understatment!

I must have snapped 500 pics on my iphone last fall.  Having lived most of my life in California the leaves changing color was the must beautiful thing to me. 

As you see I love taking pictures of sunsets. I think they are a great reminder for God of just how wonderful he is. I feel like he makes the sky light up just when I need a reminder from him that all will be well and he is in control.

This is a shot to give you an idea of what I do. I am blessed to get paid to be on social media all day! I run all of the social media accounts for Blue Star Families, a nonprofit that works with military families.

Another gorgeous sunset! This is downtown Ghent, which is just a few miles from us.  We often walk Khloe down there to be by the waterfront and explore our community. 

Here is our furbaby Khloe, is she not the cutest pup ever??! 

As I said earlier, I grew up in California.  I was blessed to be able to call San Diego home and before that Hawaii.  Growing up in the Navy does have a few fun perks! I miss the amazing mexican food and my dear friends back in California but I have to say we came to Norfolk with an open mind and I truly believe that has helped us to make this new city our home.  

We are set to be stationed here {my husband is Navy} for 2 more years and then we are hoping to get an overseas assignment!

and finally, a pic of me :)


Mandy Ford said...

Love this and love your new site! <3

Mandie Segura said...

I don't think I've ever been in Virginia before, but I think it'd be fun to visit!! :)

erin m. said...

I live in California but lived in Oregon for a year, so I can totally relate to what you said about seeing the leaves change!! I took so many photos of leaves when I lived up there. Virginia looks gorgeous!

Tammy Perlmutter said...

Jen! I've been to Norfolk once, while vacationing in the Outer Banks. I'm from Philadelphia so it's a familiar kind of place. It;s really cool that you grew up in the Navy, married a sailor, and are working with military families!! That's commitment! An I am seriously jealous of all your tech. I do the same thing for my church but my gear isn't nearly as cool as yours. I'd love to pick your brain sometime and get some advice!

Amy Kavelaris said...

Hi Jen! My pops was in the Navy too, so i gre up in the midwest, but spent a lot of time in virginia and visiting one of my favorite spots...Williamsburg!

I am excited to follow your blog more now that Ive met you!

Thanks for sharing! So fun to see where you live!


Moriah@ Simple Gifts said...

My husband and I went to college in Harrisonburg, Virginia and really enjoyed our time there! Still have family and friends that we visit there form time to time!

Lauren Mills said...

So fun! I'm glad you're liking VA! We're out in the Shenandoah Valley... hollar if you're ever out this way ;)
lauren @ MERCY iNK

Moriah said...

Love the new branding, girl! So pretty. Also, a front porch was on my must-have list for our house. Unfortunately, didn't happen (a front porch is MN is pretty rare for obvious reasons), but I told my husband that I will get my front porch SOME DAY even if we have to move across country. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh man - your neighborhood sounds a lot like mine in Indy. I LOVE the walkability, nearby friends, and neighborhood shops too. So fun! Looking forward to meeting you in September, Jen!

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