Monday, October 21, 2013

Rejoicing IN the struggle

At the end of last week I started the study of James in the SheReadsTruth series.  Saturday morning I read James 1:2-4 as part of the Day 2 study.  The words pierced me like an arrow.

A reminder that trials and other not so fantastic things are give to us to learn and grow from. They are given to us so that we may be unwavering in the Word and in Jesus.  Raechel's words also spoke to me: 

"We pray the bad times away. We beg that they would never come at all. We ask The Lord to remove our thorns, to help us to endure our hardship, and to bring us through them as unscathed as possible. Lord, help us get well soon!
But James has an entirely different take on trials.
“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds.”
Don’t get over them. Don’t rush through them or past them. Rejoice –> IN <– them. {here}.  

So many times I prayed for God to end the hardship that came along with infertility. I would pray and beg him to "fix" me, to bless Scott and I with a baby.  It wasn't until I began to realize that this was all a part of his plan that I began to change my prayer.  My prayer went from asking to be pregnant to asking for guidance. 

My faith has grown and strengthened so much from my struggle. My husband's faith has been strengthened as well.  Our marriage has been strengthened beyond words because of our infertility trials.  Reading these verses and the bible study reminded me to stop praying for it all to just go away.  I should continue to pray and ask God to use me how he will and show me how he wants me to be a light for him.  I know one day I will be a mom, it will be in God's time and this struggle will have prepared me for the journey.  


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