Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thoughts on being BRAVE + date night outfit

Today marks our first week of deployment done.  Small victory cheer! 

Today also marks the day I go and sign papers to close on our first house.  We are homeowners as of today.  C-R-A-Z-Y-T-O-W-N! 

Back in July of last year while Scott was on a 6-week work adventure I was walking Khloe in downtown Ghent admiring all of my favorite houses.  I was also chatting with my girlfriends via FB messenger. As I swooned over these $500,000+ homes I jokingly told them I was going to buy a house when Scott deployed next year.  Famous last words.  

While the house we are buying is nowhere near $500,000 it is well within the price I am comfortable paying for a house.  We are buying the house we have lived in for the 17 months and we know it will be a good investment/rental property when we leave VA.  Because of that I was very adamant that the mortgage be something we knew we could potentially pay for plus the rent of a new home when we move to a new duty station in the future.  Not to say we plan to pay the mortgage and rent of a new place forever, but I needed to know if it took us some time to find renters we wouldn't be sweating bullets.   

Buying our first home while Scott is deployed has caused me a lot of emotions.  I'm slightly sad he is not here to celebrate, but alas duty calls.  It has also reminded me that we can do things we never imagined.  The irony of me buying the house and having done all the paperwork etc is that in the beginning of all of this I didn't want to buy a house.  Having a mortgage seems scary and too grown up.  I am glad my husband pushed for this, I know it is a smart investment decision and I know this is God's plan and where we are supposed to be in our life.  

Having Scott leave last week was sad.  At the same time I felt like I didn't really accept it or process it.  Maybe all the home buying stuff has me wrapped up, a good thing.  I think though, in the next few weeks it will really sink in.  As I find my new routine and go about my day sans husband I think the reality of 9 months apart will sink in. 

The day Scott left I had many many friends text and message me that they were thinking of me. They were praying for me and that they were there should I need a shoulder or just someone to chat with it.  It was a great reminder that we do not do this thing called deployment alone.  I also had a dear friend {who is not a military spouse} tell me I was brave.  I was taken aback by this statement.  I had never thought of myself as brave.  I think too often we as military spouses don't give ourselves enough credit and try to brush off deployment as no big deal.  I am guilty of it, I am guilty of being annoyed listening to someone whine about their husband being gone, every.single.day.  I am guilty of judging people who move "home" during a deployment.  I am also guilty of not thinking we are brave.  We are brave. My friend is 100% right, we are brave.  It is brave to kiss you husband goodbye and know for the next 9 months he will be serving his country.  I am thankful he will not be in harms way, but 9 months is a long time and things could change.  

I think I don't see myself as being brave because I don't see any other option.  I think maybe, powering through the 9 months and making the best of it and knowing some how, some way we will make it to the end is how I get through each day, and that is what being brave is all about. 

dress: Anthropologie // jacket: Target // tights: Target // heels // Nine West // jewelry: Fancesca's

Now that I've gotten that off my chest let's talk about this outfit I wore a few weeks ago for our early Valentine's Day dinner. I kinda want to wear it every.single.day. It was probably the best date Scott has ever taken me on.  We went to a super cute and fancy, but not too fancy, French restaurant in downtown.  There are only about 10 tables in the place and the vibe is fantastic. We had a group of 4 on one side of us speaking French and English and a couple on the side doing the same.  I felt like I was transported to another place.  We enjoyed an amazing bottle of French Pinot Noir, delicious food and hours of great conversation.  Not the normal work and day to day marriage talk, but good deep conversation about our goals, dreams and the future.  


Karri said...

9 months is a long time. lots of hugs to you. i hope the time flies and he's home before you know it!! congrats on being a new homeowner!

Shon said...

Congratulations on your home and your husband coming home safely. We sure thank him for his sacrifice.

Your outfit is stunning...I love the lace with the bold floral skirt. You look beautiful!

Sarah Husvar said...

You handle deployments with such bravery and grace -- I don't know how you ladies do it! I fall apart when my husband leaves for a long weekend. Congratulations on the new house -- such an amazing feeling -- and I hope the time apart flies by!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

That skirt is beautiful. Fun & bright. Great styling. =)

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