Wednesday, March 19, 2014

leopard and lace + deployment talk

Yesterday marks 1 month down on the deployment calendar, YEOW!!!

The first month is hard, yo.

Really the last two weeks of the first month is brutal.

That is when it all starts to sink in. You realize they won't be home ANYTIME soon.

You realize how quiet the house is with them away.

lace sweatshirt: Forever21 // leopard shirt: LOFT // jeans: JCrew // Booties: Biala via Nordstrom

I had great days and I had baaaad days. But the first month is the hardest.  Then you get to about 2/3 of the way through you just get annoyed.  You know you can handle anything but your ready for husband to be home. You're tired of being alone.

If I was going to be honest about how I handled the first month I'd give myself a C+/B-.  I think most days I made it through pretty well but some days I felt like I was crashing and burning big time.  I still can't really wrap my head around Scott being gone for so long.  Proof that you never really get used to deployment.  I just try and take things one day at a time. I can't focus on how many months we have left, instead each morning after I poor my cup of coffee I cross of a day on the deployment calendar.  

Thankfully the first month has been packed full of events with friends, buying our house and I'll be traveling for work soon and my birthday is next month. It is safe to say I think the month of April will fly by.  Beyond that I need to get more fun penciled into my calendar! 


Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Hi Jen, I am Ada. I found you through the link up. Besides this Outfit making me happy, I enjoyed reading this post. You wrote from the heart. Time will fly by and before you know it Scott will be home and in your loving arms.

Now this Outfit is totally cute. I love that Lace Sweatshirt and I purchased a similar one myself lately. Thank you for giving me inspiration on how to wear it. Loving your boots, too.

Have a Great Weekend & Stay Strong!! Ada. =)

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